DId I join a club?

I know I’ve not been checking in here very often, but I thought that I might share a humorous (to me anyways) story.

Last Thurs. I decided to shave my head. No real reason, just wanted to. I had thought about it and did it. I’m impressed with my bald head. I was quite pleased to find that I have a normal head. No lumps, dents, or lop-sidedness. I have a scar, tho… that was Mom’s fault.

Ok, now the story. Mother’s day. My mother, brother and grandparents meet at ‘Catfish King’ here in Waco. While waiting for out meal, Granny, this being the first time she’s seen the ‘undo,’ asks me, “Toby, did you join a club?” I look at my mother and ask what kind of club would I join. “The Aryian Nation?” I reply. This resulted in blank looks on both sides. Granny proceeds, “Are you one of those head-skinners?”

I had to hold back a laugh as my mother corrected her mother, “Skin heads.”

Boy, I think that’s so funny. Especially since I’m about the least prejudiced or racist person in my family.

I’m thinking of writing lyrics to the tune of that Travis Tritt song, “I’m a member of a head skinners club, head skinning music is what I love…”

Good story. I can remember when all parents did was fuss about long hair on a guy, can’t please them can ya?

Head Skinner Blues (with apologies to the mules)?

Tell 'em you didn’t join a club. You joined a cult.

That should make their day.

Naw, he lives in Waco. They’d just say “Oh, is it that church that nice David Koresh started?”

That’s ALL you got? I just my hair CUT into a short bob, and my cousin asked me if I was gay. To be fair, his words were “I’m your open-minded cousin from MANHATTEN. Is there anything you have to tell me?” Somehow, in a uncharacteristic show of restraint, I did NOT tell him “Yea, you’re a moron.” I can only imagine what would happen if I shaved it all off.