did I really hear that? (Good Eats)

I was just watching an episode of Good Eats (season 4, episode 1: Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fish), and at about 15 mins in, Alton says “technically” but pronounces it more like “tentacly”. Is this a mistake or his common pronunciation?!

Any other odd pronunciations you’re fond of, by Alton or otherwise?

Was he cooking any squid or octopus or anything? He makes some goofy jokes on that show. It sounds like one of those to me.


It always kinda bugs me when he says “soy sauce”. He pronounces “soy” like it’s a two-syllable word, and throws a W in there, “SO-wee”. But it’s just plain “soy”, darnit!

Am I the only one who notices that? Is that a regionalism or a personal oddism?

AB: “Greazy”
Me (Beating him with a spatula): “It’s ‘greasy’, ‘greasy’, ‘greasy’, ‘greasy’, say it!!!”

Are you selling tickets to this event?

Apparently, AB is a real Southern boy with a real Southern accent that he can turn on and off; all these things you’re mentioning are just failure to turn the Southern all the way off.

He can add vowels to his soy sauce any day of the week, as far as I’m concerned. He’s so cute.

I usually vascilate between wanting to pinch his cheeks and beat him with said spatula. He’s endearing and annoying and back again, all within the space of five seconds.

I always kind of cringe at the way he says temperature. He says it kind of like “Timpachure.” I love him, and I think he’s adorable, but the way he says that drives me nuts.

Ain’t nuthin’ wrong with the way my mayan Alton speaks. Y’all just hush up, y’hear?

I love his penchant for referring to everything, even food, as a “device”. Don’t know where in the South he picked up that one.

I believe that’s the testosterone speaking, not the Georgia raisin’. He’s like the Tim Allen of the kitchen.

I heart Alton.

AB is a God. That’s all there is to it. He can pronounce words any which way he dayamm pleases. :smiley: :wink:

I just wish he would drop that “my kitchen has no unitaskers” bit- he has used dozens of “devices” that are unitaskers.

Or, in the effort to avoid buying a unitasker, he constructs a Rube Goldberg device to, sort of, replicate the product. Don’t buy a dehydrator, take a box fan, 5 disposable air filters and some bungee cords and wrap it all up, then hope to hell it actually works. Yogurt maker? Pshaw! Get a glass jar, another container exactly the right amount bigger than it and a heating pad, yeah, that’s not going to turn into cooked milk or a tragic spill.

But his recipes are good, and he’s personable, so I watch all his shows anyway.

Actually, I’ve made jerky several times via the box fan/air filter method. Came out great. The filters were much cheaper than a food dehydrator (I already had the box fan and bungees), and I’ve gotten 4 uses out of the filters so far with no problems. Maybe someday I’ll put them in the furnace to get that whole house jerky aroma. Hmm…

Well, in his defense, the reason he doesn’t like commercial dehydrators isn’t because they’re unitaskers (I don’t think they fit his definition of unitaskers - you can make a lot of different things with a dehydrator.) His problem is that they all contain heating elements, which makes them very slow-and-low cookers, not true dehydrators. His box fan/filter contraption doesn’t heat at all. (And it does work. Please don’t ask me how I know or tell my husband what I’ve been doing with the bedroom fan.)

The only other things I’ve seen him Goldberg are things that he can make much more cheaply than buy (the cardboard box steamer, for example) or just work better (those bits of wood instead of rolling pin bands).

The problem I have with using filters for jerky is that poor out of touch big-money AB claims the filters he uses cost “what? 99 cents?” Try 4-5 bucks at least AB, and your recipe calls
for about six, which can’t be reused, so is the jerky good enough to cost 25-30 bucks
plus the cost of the ingredients? And the homeade power bars which when cut into 16 squares he says they cost “what- about a nickle a bar”? 80 cents for the whole pan AB? You just dropped twenty bucks worth of dried fruit alone in that mixture! But I love him and watch twice a night too.

I got a four pack for about $5 at Lowes. They can certainly be reused for more jerky making, just not “reused” in your furnace. Trust me, once you make homemade jerky, you’ll be making it again. It puts that salty cardboard they sell in the supermarket to shame! But yeah, I thought the same thing about the energybar episode.

Alton also has a new limited series starting in July - Feasting on Asphalt.