Did Iceland overthrow its government and draft a new constitution?

This may seem a little bit random, but… well, did they? I couldn’t find anything from better sources. Maybe someone can help me out here.

Not exactly. After the financial meltdown in the country, a Constitutional Convention was convened to rewrite the Constitution. But the new provisions still had to be approved by Parliament, and apparently they were voted down. This Huffington Post article gives a pretty good overview.

Hmm, okay. Thanks. :slight_smile:

As SpoilerVirgin indicated, it’s not true that they crowdsourced a new constitution. In fact, some dodgy “news sources” have reported on the whole shebang and been corrected because they kept getting everything wrong. See here, and the criticism.

If it’s true that the US media hasn’t reported on it very much, that’s probably because the whole thing is in fact a little more mundane than some people like to explain it. I’m sure some of the actual facts have been mentioned, but they probably just weren’t that exciting. They had protests and the government stepped down. Then they had some citizen input on drafting a new constitution.

If it were some great coverup it can’t be a very successful coverup. It’s on wikipedia and has been reported in the Guardian and The Times.

The CT nut in my family has mentioned multiple times about how the Icelanders overthrew their government and shot the bankers. She has talked about moving there despite the fact that she refuses to get a passport (government control, you know).