Did Jesus ever get mad?

I was watching this cool documentary today.
It showed him smashing all kinds of shit.
I thought he would be above that.
(I did not know they had machine guns back when.)

He was pretty pissed when he saw the market that was built in the church, he was smashing all kinds of shit then.

Jesus was human ya know.

It depends on which Gospel you read.

I think Jesus smashing up the market place in the temple is help up as an example of righteous anger.

Later in the show a bunch of guys started singing about being an opossum.
Have no idea what that meant.

What’s the buzz?

The moneychangers in the temple got him mad. He smashed up their stuff and “threw” them from the temple. So the story goes. I don’t know that he beat them up, or ordered them to leave or what.

So when having a church bake sale, remember not to charge retail. That and Jesus isn’t keen on bankers. My recollection is that moneychangers charged full retail plus for animals to be sacrificed and that they charged a premium for converting unclean money into temple money. There are others who post on the boards, Tomndebb and Polycarp (he still here?) who know a heck of a lot more about this stuff.

There was also that poor fig tree in the desert.

Tell me what’s happening!

Why should you want to know?

God hates figs.

Jesus had several siblings. Of course He got pissed off at times.

He felt everything you and I feel.

Fuck yea! He would just step back, count to five and think to himself, “WWDD?

What would Daddy do?

“Smite someone!”

Little known fact: he smashed up the market because he cut his finger trying to open a blister pack of Loaves n’ Fishes Sticks.

It’s not as dramatic and rage-y as driving the moneychangers out of the temple, but Jesus also seemed pretty mad at the pharisees for missing the point of God’s commands and trying to enforce a strict letter-of-the-law interpretation of the faith without actually trying to be decent people. I have a hard time not imagining an angry tone in Jesus’ voice in Matthew 12.

Yes it appears like Jesus got PO’ed a few times, the money changers is the prime example - which He did 2x. I believe it was because He was in human flesh and justified because of that.

Sure it sounds bad like this:

But just a little touch and you’ve got:

See how much better that looks?

If I ever go to an anti-Phelps rally, I am soooo putting this on a sign.

Figs can be Newtons.

Newtons love Science.

So, God hates Science.

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His dad was known for some murderous fits of rage–drowning everyone, except for one couple, for misbehaving comes to mind. Some of that must have rubbed off on his son.