Catholic School Students Yell at Jewish Students...

…and what did they yell? Yep, “You killed Christ”.

What should have been done in response? Well, those involved in the chanting of that extremely bigoted comment should’ve been ejected from the game–and possibly suspended from school. What did happen was that the Catholic school’s administrators stopped the chanting and ordered the offenders to apologize.

It seems that certain RCC teachings haven’t made it to the pews.

Response:“If we hadn’t, you’d be Jewish too.”

Well, pagan, but the point still stands.

Sure we did. He didn’t want to become a doctor.

Sounds like a reasonable public punishment to me. I trust that privately they’ll be put on heavy Hail Mary duty or whatever the standard punishment is.

The other school was not Innocent.

Some of the Newton fans chanted “Sausage Fest” at the Catholic Memorial fans – a crude reference to the fact that Catholic Memorial is an all-boys school.


At least there was no mention of pedophilia, crusades, or occupied territories.

Are you serious? You’re equating a remark, albeit a crude one, about an all boys school being an all boys school to so-called “Jewish deicide”?

They’re high school kids. They do stupid stuff.

yeah, Sometimes people get too worked up over minor issues.

Now, it’s true that “Christ-killer” has a long and horrible history as the rallying cry for violent attacks on Jews. But I doubt if any of these Catholic kids really knew that.
And at a basketball game, I doubt if any of them were planning to go out afterwards to attack Jews and burn them at the stake.

So yes…They need to be told to shut up. They definitely need to make a public apology.
And their school needs to teach them their own history, expecially the Inquisition, and the cruelty of the knights who carried out the crusades.

How did they learn to make the accusation in the first place?

Seems to me the issue is not one of mere rudeness, but the revelation that young Catholics are still being transmitted this idea. Is it the kids who owe penance here?

In post #6, I was talking about smithsb’s dumbass commentary.

I would be very surprised to learn that this was being taught in any educational setting. I suppose this is something they could have heard at home, but more likely, it’s something they found as a meme somewhere.

And it’s an accusation that always puzzled me, even as a kid. Sure, the Jewish crowd involved in the story of Jesus’ death were dicks, but they didn’t kill Him. The Romans killed Jesus.

I guess, “Your distant ancestors didn’t stop the Romans from killing Jesus!” Is too complicated for a chant.

A meme they must have found pretty easily (whether at school, home, or elsewhere), given its facile deployment; a meme which their Catholic elders failed to inoculate them against, in its specifics or on general principles. And are we to believe that this instance of public group chant was the first occasion on which those elders became aware that the meme had been adopted?

Maybe by being taught their own history?

Or any European history?

Or recent papal encyclicals?

A term most often used by participants in said fests, IME.

Sure. An ADL survey from a couple of years ago found that 25% of Americans agreed with the proposition. It’s easy to encounter.

But not in modern-day Catholic instruction. Pope Benedict affirmed that the idea was nonsense in his book and he was not breaking new ground,; the Second Vatican Council in 1965 specifically and clearly stated that the Jews bear no responsibility for the death of Jesus.

Now, it may be that these kids did not get that message.

Or maybe they did, and chose to say it anyway. I can easily imagine that, because they sound like dicks to me.

Yes, unless you have some information I don’t. I can’t imagine any Catholic educator hearing their students say something like that and not acting immediately to stop it.

Again, I am speaking of the modern Catholic Church. I can easily imagine this happening with implicit support from the grown ups a hundred years ago, or fifty years ago – in living memory, in other words.

I can’t, at least not forty, forty-five years ago. Kids were threatened with being kicked out of the school.

You need a hobby or a pet or something.

And according to the OP’s link, it sounds like the Catholic school’s president agrees with you:

Response: “It was suicide by cop!”

I have 5 kids that are all involved in a multitude of sports. Elementary and middle school isn’t too bad for chanting, but it gets going in high school and college. Some sports are way worse than others.

Some of it’s amusing, some of it is tasteless, some of it crosses the line. Some of it’s obvious, some of it depends on your perspective.

My kids go to Catholic schools, and it’s not uncommon for opposing fans to dress as priests. Is that funny, tasteless, or insulting/disrespectful… crossing the line?