Fuck Notre Dame, Fuck Touchdown Jesus and Fuck Jesus.

It seems that Dana Jacobson is in problem for some comments she made at a roast. What’s that, something that people consider inappropriate was said at roast! Call the press.

Now, she is being forced to apologize and is being suspended. But let’s just say everything she said should be said.

Fuck Notre Dame
This bullshit program has not won a bowl game since January 1994. Yet they are treated like one of the top programs in the country.

Fuck Touchdown Jesus
Really does anything need to said here?

Fuck Jesus
As CS Lewis put it Jesus was either a lair or a madman. So fuck him. Lewis left a thrid option, but no rational person could possibly accept it.

So, fuck Notre Dame, fuck Touchdown Jesus and fuck Jesus.

And fuck Bill Donahue.

Fuck fat people!

No-get it right. It’s ‘Fuck fat people who order diet coke and take up aisle seats on airplanes.’ Treadmill optional.

All of them? Right here? Will there at least be foreplay?

Foreplay, no.

Hostess Cupcakes, yes.
Won’t you dance with me tonight…

Nah, not right here. At least via private message.

Mmmm… With creamy filling.

Just roll 'em in flour and aim for the wet spot.

Only eighteen more days, at the outside.

If you roast all the fat people at once, you’re gonna need one hell of a drip pan.

I have.

It’s fun.

In Soviet Russia, Jesus fucks…

[sub]can’t do it… must… run… to… Confession…[/sub]

Hey, Jesus wasn’t fat. Get with the program Sweets.

Bill Donohue needs to go fuck himself. I don’t know why anyone is afraid of that asshole. Does the Catholic League even have any members besides Donohue?

Hey Donohue, fuck Jesus in his asshole with a long rubber dong.

At my college (I did not go to Notre Dame) there was a statue of Jesus on the front lawn- as far as I know, he’s still there unless Katrina and the Waves knocked him down.

The statue had his arms stretched out, hands pointing high in the air.
He was popularly referred to as “Touchdown Jesus”.

What is the Touchdown Jesus referred to in the OP?
Does Notre Dame have a similar statue?

ETA: fuck fat people

It’s a mural on the side of the library.


Even now, Jesus is dancing around impatiently in front of his father’s Desk.

“C’mon…let me go down there…just for a minute. Not a whole rapture thing. Just a minute, I wanna see…something.”

“No. Just let them be. They’re TRYING to get a rise out you. You KNOW that.”

“DaaaAAAaad, please. I wont kill them, I just want to talk. No listen, can I just saysomething? dad? can I SAYSOMETHING?”

“no. Sit down.”

Huh. I thought the OP was referring to this touchdown Jesus.

Just don’t do it outdoors in Ohio.

I don’t think you’re his type.

Hell, Fuck me.