Did Keith Olbermann really give a Nazi salute while wearing a Bill O'Reilly mask

I was trying to figure out whether or not Olbermann was really giving a Nazi salute or just waving at somebody while he was playing around with his Bill Oreilly mask. I couldn’t find anything beside trash talking. It looks a little more like a wave to me. Plus, I think if he really did give a Heil Hitler sign he would have been fired the next day. I know he said he was waving at someone he knew, but has anyone else who was there commented on it?

On Leno last night, he claimed he was waving to someone.

No on Leno last night he joked he was waving to someone. If you watched the show closely particularly his facial expression, I don’t think you’d believe he was serious. Also to give full reporting, there was no prtense he was O’Reilly and not Olberman. The mask looked like a TV add-on and in any acse wasnt’ coverin ghis face but was sort of beside it.