Did LBJ Try To Seduce Jackie Kennedy


Basically Mr. Judd was reviewing audio recordings of Lyndon B Johnson and in the review decrying the Johnson presidency and denouncing him as evil including:

Is this even remotely true? I’ve even googled it and there’s nothing.

I think he had more to do with JFK’s death. Jackie paid for her own investigation into the assassination. Whatever she found was dangerous enough that it’s sealed at her lawyer’s office until the death of both of her children.

You’re going to have to provide a cite for this.

You do know this is a site that fights ignorance, right? Please provide citation for claims, whether ridiculous or not.

If so, she probably laughed in his face.

No cite but I do remember hearing (on TV or maybe NPR) an audio recording of a phone call he made to her some time after the assasination in which he was kind of flirting with her but didn’t strike me as making a serious play for her. If that’s what the guy is basing this on he’s really reaching.

LBJ did seduce Golda Meir though.

I remember that. It did sound like flirting but not trying to seduce her. Although LBJ was a known womanizer. I remember Baba Wawa asking Lady Bird about it and she replied “my husband loved people and he did not exclude 51% of the population from his love.” As far as answers go, right up there with the time that Tom Snyder asked Lillian Gish if she had a relationship with D W Griffith. “Everyone had a relationship with Mr Griffith” she smiled.

I suppose the personality of LBJ in person was a lot different than what he came across on tv. On TV he came off, as Jack Paar said, as the tired old country parson whose feet hurt. In the flesh he was a lot more dynamic. I used to have an account of someone, maybe historian Arthur Schleisinger, talking to him when he was Senate Majority Leader in the 1950s. Johnson put on a full display on how he had to get Senators to got along with him: whom to threaten, whose egos to stroke, what he had to give the Republicans not to interfere, who needed a highway in their state for their vote. Schleisinger left dazed.

I have the book which he’s reviewing, and read the tape transcripts, and he’s not trying to seduce her in the traditional sense, so to speak. He’s schmoozing her and trying to link himself with Kennedy…get photo ops with her, make sure the press knows that they’re friends, and so…he’s trying to identify himself with JFK and make him look like more than just an accidental president…he’s legitimizing himself.

But he’s not trying to seduce her.

Exactly! She was saving herself for Pretty Boy Onassis!:smiley:

My razor wit aside, and just kind of related, I remember somewhere around 1966, it was a news item that LBJ called Jackie “Honey.” That’s it. All I got. Nothing mo to sho. Outta here. Gone. The well is empty.

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LBJ called every woman “Honey”. As Johnson himself put it, when he was offended by Manchester’s claim that he insulted Jackie by calling her “Honey” on Air Force One on their way back from Dallas.

But I looked in the Beschloss books, and here’s who he calls honey:

Lady Bird
The White House operator
Nellie Connolly
Betty Fulbright
Geraldine Whittington (the White House Secretary)
Frances Lewine (White House Correspondent for the AP)
Mary Lasker (philanthropist, Democratic donor, and activist)
Claire Booth Luce (Wife of the founder of Time and former Republican congresswoman)