Did the Straight Dope logo change color schemes?

Yeah. It seems to me that when I first started visiting this site, maybe 2-3 years ago, the color scheme on the masthead logo was more of a lighter-blue background with a white-ish “The Straight Dope”. Of course, at the time, I was using a POS monitor, so it may very well just have been me. Anyone care to corroborate this?

I don’t know about three years ago.

I DO know that the colours look different at my work monitor, compared so my (superior) home monitor.
And somewhere in the back of my mind, I have this idea that the logo DID change at one point. But I’m not sure.

A couple of years ago some people still had their browsers set to 256 colors. That was the default and many didn’t change it. When an ad brought in its own palette, the colors would shift. There are still warnings on web tip sites to use “color safe” palettes for that reason.

Yep. Here’s a thread on it. OP is dated 1/25/00

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