Did They Know? (Marathon Bomb)

I stumbled across this interview from a local TV station in Mobile, AL in which a college cross country coach who was in Boston with his wife for the race, talks about the experience.


He explicitly describes a lot of police presence including bomb sniffing dogs, at both the start and finish lines. He also says that the security forces announced that they were running a drill and for spectators not to be nervous. He also noted spotters on rooftops. He says that he’s run in marathons in major cities all over the world and never seen that level of security.

Now, since Monday afternoon I have seen and heard an awful lot of coverage from a lot of different sources covering the Boston bombing. But I have heard nothing about the scenario this guy describes.

I’m no conspiracy theorist, but as starved as news outlets are for their non-stop coverage, this seems like something that they would be talking about. If it’s true, it clearly raises the question that there was forewarning - or at least suspicion that something bad might happen.

I don’t think the guy in the interview seems crazy, nor does it seem that he’s making it up. I can understand why authorities might not want it known that they had a heads up, but I can’t believe every news outlet in the world except Mobile TV 15 missed what seems like an important part of the story. Is it possible that authorities could quiet that story? Or maybe it’s not as important/interesting as I think it is? Or is Alastair Stevenson a loon?

I vote loon.

I am not suggesting anything like the False Flag crap, I just thought some news outlet would have mentioned that they happened to be running anti-bomb training exercises if only for some sad irony. If they were making announcements it wasn’t a secret. I can’t imagine why the guy being interviewed would simply make that up when, if he’s just an attention seeker, he could have come up with something a little more sexy.

Coast to Coast AM mentioned it.

How the Hell would an Alabama Nitwit (a non-endangered species) know the difference between bomb-sniffing dogs & regular police dogs?

I suppose it’s possible that the police had some sort of unconfirmed threat and were there with bomb sniffing dogs out of caution, but I think the more likely scenario is that Alabama Guy is misremembering. We already know there was police presence at the finish line, and presumably the starting line. This seems like standard protocol for any event with thousands of people. Every race, concert, and festival I’ve seen has police, often with dogs. Combine that with some sort of general security/safety announcement (I don’t know if there was one, but seems possible) and afterwords people could easily conflate it all into exactly what this guy said. He’s understandably very shaken up. I think if there had been a publicized training drill, it would have been mentioned by someone else as well.

I’ve seen some reports on this and it seems odd to me that anyone is making a big deal of it. I would be astonished if there weren’t sniffer dogs at an event of this size as a matter of course. Maybe it comes from growing up in and around London, but I’d expect to see plenty of precautions being taken to detect bombs in such a situation. Even more so if they had some sort of non-specific threat warning.

Sniffer dogs are certainly used at the London marathon, they were all over the place at the London Olympics, and I see no reason why they wouldn’t have been in Boston. Yet when you Google for it now all you get is loonies saying it’s proof of a false flag operation or something. Er what? Trying to detect bombs at a large public event is a sign that the government is in on it?

Would people rather there were no sniffer dogs used?

I take the train every weeks day to and from the area where the Boston Marathon is held. I’d say I see bomb-sniffing dogs in Back Bay station at least once a week and have for a long time. The fact that they were at the marathon is completely unsurprising to me.

Large public-crowd event in a major NE USA city, yes, there will be security drills and preliminary sweeps with sniffer dogs AND there’s a high likelihood that some joker will call the night before with some ill-defined warning just to make life hard on everyone else, so to the major-market media it may be unremarkable. Other places may be more discreet about it – or maybe because this time something DID happen these things stand out in his memory while at other events where nothing unusual happened they melded into the general background.

…it is most probably standard proceedure. Here in NZ for the Hobbit premiere they had bomb dogs go up and down the red carpet: I’ve got pictures of the dog unit somewhere on my hard drives: will post them if I find them. If they check a parade route down in little-NZ, I have no doubt they would be checking the route of a race like Boston.

A public event in which tens of thousands are entered and are participating, and which will have thousands lining miles of street; plus gatherings at the beginning and ending points of the event. An event which happens every year, draws major international attention, and which will have many high-profile people attending or participating in.

If you don’t have cops and dog teams practicing and using their skills at this event, what in the hell do you have them on the payroll for? I am asking seriously. “Hey Chief, you think we should have the dog teams and special response units on duty during the Boston Marathon?” “Christ NO! O’Malley what are you thinking.”

News outlets didn’t mention anything about drills because they weren’t running drills. The idiot from Alabama is running his mouth repeating or making up crap. There was a high security presence at the marathon because it was an event which had thousands of people gathered in one spot, nothing different from any other similar event.

If the government wanted the bombing to happen, wouldn’t you expect an absence of bomb-sniffing dogs?

If there weren’t any bomb sniffing dogs, this nitwit would be flapping his gums about how the police didn’t do enough to prevent the bombing. Assholes like this just want to complain about stuff. Cause, y’know, the government sucks or something.

How did he know the people on the rooftops were spotters and not just spectators? Were they wearing jackets with “Law Enforcement Spotter” on them in letters big enough to be read from ground level?

I think he’s an idiot. The article says that he’s “been in plenty of marathons in Chicago, D.C., Chicago, London and other major metropolitan areas but has never seen that level of security before.” Perhaps he never noticed it, but I know that there’s quite a high level of security in DC and London all the time.

I’m from the UK and and If people asked me to name massive public events (and therefore security risks) in Boston, I wouldn’t hesitate. Fenway park and the Boston Marathon.

I’m sure, quite rightly, that bomb dogs are SOP for those events. As others have, if not those then why? what else are you saving your resources for?

What else would you expect? It’s an enormous event in a major city, and the starting and finish lines are the most crowded places. I’m pretty sure the Boston police have already said they checked the course before the bombings and didn’t find anything suspicious and that no threats were made. I see no reason at this point not to believe them.

I’m not going to make anything out of one guy’s random impressions.

I see sniffer dogs irregularly in one of the major train stations in Chicago on average days, and more often on important days. I will bet very good money they were at the Chicago Marathon last year, and probably years prior.

Of course not. The absence of sniffer dogs would be a dead giveaway. Better to have them on the scene with government issued, covertly applied nose plugs in place. Plausible deniability.

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