Did this scene ever happen, or did I imagine it?

In a movie or on a TV show; I’m not even sure of that much. Something happens that’s guaranteed to elicit screaming from a character, but the action stops before the character reacts. Cut to a street scene, with a subtitle reading, “Downtown Tokyo”. Pedestrians look up, bewildered as to the source of bloodcurdling screams.

Real, or imagined?

I recognise it, but can tell you about as much about it as you already know.

Godzilla, or Howard Dean?

Sounds like a Mike Myers joke. Was it in a Wayne’s World or So I Married an Axe Murderer or something like that?

It might be Mike Myers at that. But his films are all so similar, I can’t pinpoint one as the source.

The TVTropesWiki website has a list of examples here

Its used in an episode of South Park. Except that “downtown Tokyo” is an alien planet.

Great site, silverfish!

Terrible, evil, time wasting site. Other than that great site.

Thank you. :smiley: