Did we miss something?

In http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showpost.php?p=12999738&postcount=58, we have a post by

Winter Is Coming
When did this happen? Why were not told about it so that we could get out the goat and the jackboot polish?

Or were we, and I just didn’t get the memo?

At any rate, conga-rats to Gukumatz, and welcome to the Imperial ranks!

I’m not sure there is a way to answer this question without embarrassing the OP, so…

Wait. When did Marley become a moderator?

Perhaps Gukumatz oughta stick to moderating the Game Room, and leave the Pit for actual Pit mods. Just a suggestion.

Winter is coming, you know that, right?

“Bit outta your jurisdiction, ain’t ya sheriff?”

The light’s green.

In the meantime, and in the same vein, if y’all wanna pretend I’m still modding and want to follow my marching orders, please feel free to do so.

First item on the list: get me a beer.
Second item: take the beer back and bring me a new one without the added spit.

That explains it. I never hit the Game Room, so…

Oopsie on my part. Thanks, Marley.

The cursing was me venting my exasperation. In hindsight, it was wrong and I’ve just posted to that effect in the thread. However, “jurisdiction”, as you call it, isn’t as strict as the word implies - dividing the forums between us is more a way to divide workload than anything else. Since I was following the thread and I couldn’t see that Miller or the others were on, I stepped in.

Well, I’m in Norway, so it’s either coming or it just left. :stuck_out_tongue:

Meh. “Bloody” isn’t cursing over here. It’s actually kinda comical.

And I was wondering why your announcement thread was resurrected.

What is “winter”? :confused:

It’s what happens in the UK for about twelve months at a time.

Surely not again one of Dissed Content?

Winter is anytime the outside temp dips below 65 degrees anywhere south of Memphis. BRRRRRR.

Winter is the time when a great chilly beast eats the sun and causes darkness to fall over the land. Also, he has a severe case of dandruff that falls over the poor cold animals, and kills their spirits.

Around here, it’s what they call the rainy season (invierno), which is cooler and damper than the dry season.

Winter is actually Raku?!? :eek:

I shall perform my traditional beer-drinking talisman ritual to ward him off.

I’m good as long as it isn’t one of Missed Content. That sucked.

Just looking around I feel like this is one of the more scattered forums I have ever seen. Its like there are several different conversations going on about the different yet the same thing…lol

This is my first post.