Did you celebrate Mardi Gras this year?

Me, not so much. I had one Krispy Creme ® glazed donut today.

Does that count?

I went with number 3 because I totally forgot about it this year.

I voted yes, but all we did was pull out some beads from Mardi Gras long ago and I probably should count as a no.

I was too late for the boss supplied paczkis :frowning:

I celebrated by having my oil changed today. I was off work; If I worked today, I’m sure a certain Polish guy would have provided me with a “Pushki”- pardon my spelling.
Mardi Gras? Polish donuts? I love this country!

I ate a paczki - on Saturday. So no, I guess.

Weirdly I did. There was a little neighborhood parade on Sunday which we went to. One set of beads and two floats. Pretty small.

same here.

Nope. I don’t think I ever have except the one year it coincided with a cruise I was on, and they handed out beads and party hats.

Was that today?

Growing up in the Bible Belt, I never understood what Mardi Gras was. I saw it every year on the calendar, but that was the only reference to it I would ever encounter. No one even mentioned it. Later I thought Mardi Gras was just some annual party in New Orleans.

Yes. I made a pot of jambalaya while we listened to two hours of Mardi Gras music on the local jazz station.

Paczkis for dinner.

I had one person asked if the store I work at sells bead necklaces. That’s about the extent of my exposure to Mardi Gras this year.

My wife brought a couple of paczki home for the kids. So they “celebrated.” Me? My arteries won’t let me celebrate anymore.

We had pancakes with lemon and sugar.

Shrove Tuesday pancake dinner at church yesterday, with a youth barbershop singing group afterwards.

What is a packzi, by the way?


Had to go with “none of these”. For scheduling reasons, we celebrated my bd two weeks late. I therefore decided to bump everything forward two weeks. So I will celebrate Mardi Gras, but I haven’t yet. Laissez les bons temps rouler.