Did you have a white Christmas?

Or perhaps, a white Hanukkah (one in eight will do!), if you don’t celebrate/observe Christmas.

Please give your location, and if it’s the norm for you.

We are in Baltimore County, Maryland. We did not have snow, but we had a lot of rain. No snow on Christmas seems pretty usual for me so far, having been here only five years. Growing up in Alberta, I had snow about 70% of the time; the remaining years, there had been a Chinook wind which melted it all.

Here in the Seattle-Tacoma area, we had a dry Christmas. That’s nearly as rare as a white one and made me just as glad.

Alas, the rain is with us today.

I visited my sister in Asheville, NC, and wish as I might, no snow. It rained instead.

And how. Two feet of snow from last week. As a nice bonus, we got another 3/4" on Christmas Eve to give everything a nice white coating just as it was starting to look dirty.

Not in the slightest. :frowning:

We had a gray Christmas in Boston. A white xmas is always a distinct possibility for us here-abouts, but not as common an occurance as they’d have you expect on the white-christmas-hyping weather forecasts in the week or so before xmas. I recall few.

On the other hand, three years ago, it snowed so hard got snowed in at my in-laws place. That was kind of fun, actually.

Wilammete Valley, Oregon. We had a Wet Christmas. We did have a little snow and frost during Hannukah, if I remember correctly.

Not only did it not snow near Boston, but I’ve had dandelions blooming in my yard. It’s been unusually warm for the entire month. For the entire season, we might have had a dusting of snow.

Los Angeles. Not sure there’s ever been a white Christmas here. Ours was sunny, with temperatures in the upper 60’s to low 70’s. We ate inside on Christmas, with the doors and windows open.

Here in Central PA we had a Christmas very like unto Baltimore’s.

I was in Williamsport and it started to rain about noon-ish. It rained all the way home and was still raining as I sat in the hot tub around 7ish.

North central Iowa, no snow. None since a dusting in November. Sunny and dry, temps in the 20’s and 30’s.

NW of Denver there’s still a foot or so of snow. Certainly not normal, only a 35% chance of snow on the ground and a 10% chance of measurable snowfall on christmas.
This year, as Lamar Mundane mentioned, fresh snow on x-mas eve but none x-mas day.

I live in South-eastern Ohio. No snow for us yet…just a lot of rain.
It was always white around Christmas when I was a kid, but the last two years have been pretty mild.


No, we had a WET Christmas. Rainy and damp and chilly. Yuck.

Bend, Oregon. Smack-dab in the middle. High desert.

We had a gray Christmas. Drizzly and cold. Occasionally, we’d see a few flakes, but the temperature never dropped below 34. It’s only cleared up a few hours ago- now it’s just windy. The weathermen keep saying it’s going to snow… but if it rains, it’s too warm, and once it’s cold enough, it stops precipitating. Just can’t win.

I’m starting to think I’ll never see a white Christmas.

Yes, it was a white Christmas here in southern Saskatchewan, with a temperature hovering around freezing. So, a nice day, in what has been, thus far, a nice winter (with a couple of side trips into -20 weather). I haven’t plugged my car in yet this winter, and haven’t worn gloves in a month.

Holy crap.

My mom keeps me updated on the weather in Southern Alberta (near Lethbridge) and she said there was a dusting of snow but not enough to cover the second-growth stubble in the fields.

I’m near Boise, Idaho. On Thursday (12/21) we got about 2 inches of snow. By Christmas most of it had melted but there were still a few patches of snow left, so I’d say it barely passed for a white Christmas. Then it rained last night and by today all of the snow was gone. All the snow that’s left is up in the nearby mountains.

In Albuquerque, we had snow left over from the big storm last week and the smaller one on Friday night. At my inlaws’ house between here and Santa Fe, where we actually spent Christmas Eve and Day, there was just enough snow left on the ground to look pretty but not any on the paved roads. I’d say that’s just about right, since we in New Mexico can’t drive on snow or ice to save our (or anyone else’s) lives.

Low 70s? BRRRRR!!