Did you know "The New Girl" was still in production!?

Another one of those shows I thought was long cancelled. Apparently the Tim Allen show where he runs an sporting goods company is still going too! Who knew?

New Girl took a long break because Zooey Deschanel was pregnant and they didn’t want to show it. They immediately made about six episodes (of this current season) before she started to seriously show, then shipped her off to Jury Duty. They resumed production after she had the baby, then delayed broadcast of the season till January so that that intermediate break wouldn’t be too disruptive.

Not a fan of the Tim Allen show at all, but I definitely enjoy New Girl.

I was just looking at the primetime schedule and I’m amazed to see that not only does a show called American Ninja Warrior exist but it’s in its eighth season.

Kacy Catanzaro is a national treasure.

Person of Interest has also been delayed for reasons I don’t understand. But yeah, New Girl has been going strong for four years now, they just decided to start it in January instead of Fall this year.

I noticed it a week or two ago when the red “record” light on the DVR was lit up on a day/time that I didn’t remember having it set for. And when I checked the guide I saw it was recording “New Girl”. I didn’t know it was still on and haven’t watched it in over a year, so I deleted the series recording.

I don’t understand it either. It’s a very good, strong show.

I didn’t even know there was a new Tim Allen show. As for The New Girl, no idea either. I’ve heard of it, but never watched it.

It’s called Last Man Standing, and it’s not new. I think it’s in its 5th season. I’ve never seen more of it than fits in a network promo, to be honest.

Yup! My neighbor/friend is the prop master on it.

There are far worse shows on tv.

Yes I did. My wife watches every episode.

Same. I consider it one of the best comedies on TV, so yeah, I was aware it was still in production.

I don’t really keep up on the real lives of actors, and I also watch everything on Hulu so I don’t really have a sense of traditional season timing, so help me out:

The jury duty stuff was meant to give the actress an excuse to not be on the show, but then they just pushed everything back anyway? Or is Jess still going to be absent for a number of episodes?

I guess we’ll find out, but I figure Jess will be on the show in small scenes, just always sitting down behind things. But I think Cece will step up to be a larger presence, and also I think someone new will be temporarily cast. Megan Fox apparently? Not sure who she’s playing. I would’ve been happier if it had been Alexandra Daddario from across the hall.

American Ninja Warrior is a reality show that is pretty damn real and one where you actually end up rooting for EVERYONE! Not to hijack, but check it out, anyone who hasn’t seen it.

Yeah it’s still running, but it’s just not the same without Damon Wayons Jr anymore.

I liked the pilot and everything, but I thought the show got much better as it went on. When he came back, I didn’t really see the point at that point.

I watched the first season regularly and have intermittently caught up streaming back episodes. So at this point, the bulk of the episodes I enjoy are from when he was off doing his other show.

Yep, that’s another one. I like LMS but I’ve never met anyone, online or IRL, that watches it, so like “New Girl” (which I don’t watch despite loving Deschanel) I’m surprised it’s still going. I mean “Person of Interest” has/had critical acclaim going for it, so I could see how it was still on even though no one else seems to watch it. But these two?

I didn’t know The New Girl was still on, but I don’t like Zooey Deschanel so I didn’t care either.

Just to be obtuse, when will she no longer by the “new” girl? I watched one of the two new episodes, and was hoping for another “new” girl to come along.