New Girl-- am I the only one watching?

Because if I am this series is in serious trouble. I’ve liked it from the beginning (yes, I’m one of the 3 or 4), it’s just that I don’t generally do appointment TV (there are a very, very few exceptions). I also don’t automatically turn on the TV if I’m home, so catching a favorite sit-com is hit or miss with me. I’m glad I hit this one.
The busted Nick melonhead is a bad omen, no?

I couldn’t tell if it was an omen, or just a silly joke. I’m sure you can count on the Nick/Jess thing to be drawn out for as long as possible. I’m guessing she stays with the doctor for a while.

I’ve tried to watch it but can’t get into it. However, I could watch the intro all day.

Well, it isn’t funny if they fall into a nice, stable relationship. Or is it? Pam and Jim pulled it off. So did Sam and Diane. O.K., Sam and Diane’s relationship was never nice and stable but you know what I mean.

I think it’ll be fun watching Nick and Jess pretend nothing’s happened.

I didn’t want them to hook up. I thought it would be braver and more interesting if it never happened throughout the entire run of the show.

I never caught it when I had cable, but now that I’ve switched to Hulu Plus I look forward to it every week. I love the dialogue, and I love Schmidt.

I love-hate Schmidt. If I knew him or worked with him, he’d be too annoying for words. But he’s entertaining in a train-wrecky way.

My roommate and I loved the show right from the beginning. Until Dermot Muldermot (whoever the old-man love interest for Jess was) came on the scene. Instant humor crash for both of us. Tried to watch it since, both episodes with and without McDylan’s character, and it’s not funny anymore. And now they’re hooked up, it looks like? Sigh.

Me, my wife and our kids all love this show, one of very few we all watch together. I was really hoping the Jess/Nick thing, which was hinted at in the very beginning, was a long forgotten story and would never rear it’s head.

Hopefully, this was a rebound kiss and it marks a return of Olivia Munn to the show. Sarcastic, sassy and sexy Asian-American strippers are always welcome in my view.

Jess and Nick have not hooked up. Jess is still seeing Sam (not the old guy, the doctor). The series still makes me laugh out loud every time I catch it. The episode I saw before this one was one in which Schmidt tried to celebrate Winston’s blackness. It ended up in a trip to the projects for crack. Of course.

This episode had American Patriot. And no, the rules are not written down anywhere. Not even the Clinton Rules.

I crack up laughing at the mere thought of the way Schmidt pronounces “Crack Ca-caine”

I need to get out more,I thought you were a new girl and was about to say hello.:slight_smile:

I’m going to try it again. I will find you if It still sucks. :stuck_out_tongue:


Love the show, and they really figured out Schmidt to make him both lovable & hate-able, not unlike Tom on Parks & Rec. Sadly, they still don’t have a grip on Winston. Which is a shame since the actor is pretty damn funny.

And rules for True American seem to be popping up. I love how the guests just go with it and seem to pick up the rules as the game goes on.

I agree about Winston. He’s really funny but they’ve had trouble figuring him out. It doesn’t help that the pilot had an entirely different character (Coach!) played by Damon Wayans Jr, but he had to be replaced when Happy Endings ended up being picked up for a 2nd season to everyone’s surprise.

Love this show. Love the Schmidt. It’s a great ensemble cast!

Winston still needs some character developement, IMHO, but I think they’re doing better with him this season.

I have tried to get into New Girl a few times, but I just can’t. Zooey Deschanel is nice to look at, and I do not mind her character, or the other female characters, come to that. But I find all the main male characters, the roommates, totally unrelateable, and they set my teeth on edge. They do not seem to be anything like real people to me, but they are also not much like any of the unrealistic comic stereotypes I have got used to. If they were meant to be gay it might be better (though perhaps not much), because in some ways they seem like subtle versions of gay stereotypes, but it seems they are all meant to be straight. Perhaps that dissonance is part of what freaks me out, but, in any case, I can’t stand them.

With 30 Rock and (probably) Community ending, New Girl is the only sitcom left I’ll bother watching. The actor that plays Nick is brilliant.

Agree they should keep Nick-Jess platonic though. I really like the chemistry they have as friends.

Yea, the shows actually pretty notable in how the various romantic interests of the main characters have been memorable characters in themselves. Its too bad the show tends to burn through them so quickly (though happily it looks like Robbie might stick around as Schmidts new friend).

So I’m the only one who wants them together? Except not right now. I love a will they or won’t they arc in a sit-com. And I love it even more when the ‘they will’ allows for a great and funny relationship (like the aforementioned Pam and Jim and Sam and Diane).

Times 10,000… I have a friend with a boyfriend that has said some weird stuff, and for the past week, I have been telling her that she is the deer!

Unfortunately, she doesn’t watch New Girl and is looking at me kinda strange :slight_smile: