did you want that $360,000,000 in fives?

this guy has to be one of the dumbest guys I have ever read about! What he thought his girlfriends mother had that much money in her account?

Heh, it would have been more awesome if the bail was $3,600 instead of $3,750.

If he’d tried it in Alaska, would it have been $720 billion?

The check was actually for 1000 times that much.

Guy likes to think big - no doubt he simply wanted his record company to get off on the right financial foot.

With $360 billion, why bother with a record company at all… buy a sailboat and an iPod. :slight_smile:

He must have been really happy to see someone.

doh! :slight_smile:
dammit I knew I was going to screw that up

I guess if you are going to steal from someone–hell go big time! Why take $3600 at a time when you can get $36B in one fell swoop.

For me I am just amazed at the thought process or lack thereof that would attempt this. boggles the mind.

I want to know how he fit that on a standard check. I originally thought this is only something a stoned or retarded person would do. I don’t get that from the rest of the article though.

You have much to learn, Grasshopper.
For that much money, you could buy … two Ipods! :eek: :smack:

People like Mr Fuller have no idea how big a billion is. I’ve done some very rough calculations, and my estimate is that (in $100 bills) that amount could be stacked into a cube roughly 15 metres by 15 metres by 15 metres, weighing roughly 3,000 tons. How did he propose to carry this stack of money out of the bank? Did he have a large enough fleet of trucks outside ready to load the money into?

For that matter, why do all the work of starting a new record company - I think for $360 billion you could just buy most any existing one.

That’s just crazy talk!

I don’t know much about record companies, but if he invested that $360,000,000,000 in a hobbie store, he could have built that up to $187 in less than a year.

What I find interesting is this :

In other words, she doesn’t deny writing the check, just that she gave him permission to take it or cash it.

I presume it went something like this :

GF mom : OK, I will write you a check to bank your record business, but you will have to wait to cash it until I make sure it is covered.

Fuller : Fair enough.

15 minutes later (after the mom is gone)…

Fuller : Hi, I would like to cash this check please.

He is a dumbass if he was going to make records. Everybody knows that is soooooooo outdated. Records? Hah. For just 60 billion more he could start his own 8-track business.


Or just cut out the middle man and buy your favorite band, like hiring Van Halen to play at your birthday party.

“Officers reported finding less than 2 ounces of marijuana and a .25-caliber handgun and magazine in his pockets, police said.”

What they didn’t say was he started out that morning with 12 ounces of marijuana in his pocket…

There’s one of these every couple of months. Phony excessively large check, or the same-but-different, like the guy who tried to cash a phony $1 millon bill a short while ago at a convenience store.

I almost think we should put the Death Penalty on this level of Stupidity, just to remove these kinds of morons from the gene pool.

Either that, or we establish the Federal Home for the Terminally Stupid.

Yeah, but it only has to work once!

I just have this image in my head of this 21 year-old staring dumbfounded at a blank check breathing through his mouth that is haning open with the wheels turning furiously in his head.
Then he writes 360,000 with a furrowed brow and his tounge sticking out the side of his mouth. Then he holds it out in front of himself at arms length mouth agape again to admire his handywork.
“Not enough!” he thinks “Needs more zeros.” as he presses even harder with the pen making it 360,000,000.
Then it dawns on him how much of a genius he is. Why not add three more! and he adds the last three making it 360,000,000,000 while hunching over the check.
Again holds the check in front of himself and grins and giggles to himself “I is soooo smart.”