Didn't have to use the AK. Today was a good day.

Yes, today was very very fun. My friends K-man, Ost, and Lodi(who posts here occasionally) and myself went out to the range to shoot.

Weapons fired today:
Benelli Entry Shotgun
Suppressed .22 pistol

I’m not a gun enthusiast myself, nor do I particularly condone violence, but K-man is a Class-3 dealer and occasionally takes us out to the range and there aren’t many tension relievers better than letting loose a stream of hot fire at some inanimate object.

Just thought I’d share and if you’d like to see some pictures of today’s fun, they’re located here.

Very cool pics. I love guns myself, and have quite the collection. Nice to know I am not the only one!

Keep shootin’!

And I thought this was some news tidbit about Ice Cube.

Yeah, I like my little thread title. Lodi made that comment on our way home from the range and it cracked me up. :slight_smile:

BANG! POW! Not so fast, copper! POW! BANG! BANG! Ow! you got me! I can…feel… life… draining from my body… urg… must find… ack


Nothing like a black powder safari to take the edge off.

Hot lead just has a way of doing it for me too.

Yup, just thought I’d give this a little bump just in case anyone else wanted to see the pics.

unless you run outa ammo or targets! I had a hankering to pop some caps yesterday myself, making downrange a very undesirable place to be, but alas, my partners in crime had three too many martinis Sat night, and barely managed speaking in low tones, much less hearing that snap crackle and pop. Me? A Makarov 9X18mm. Also in the group, 9mm Para, K1A1 Korean heavy M16-ish rifle, the ever-popular Ruger 10/22, .357 mag, and a .44 mag. A sunny SoFla afternoon, then a good dinner on the way home. I rarely get out, though. And I NEVER run out of ammo!