Dumbass hunters at the range: Fuck you.

Today I was at the range praciticing my muzzle control with rapid firing, and the dumb ass hunter assholes with the bolt guns kept giving me that “What do you need THAT for?” look. Eventually, the range mastered noticed this, and came and told me to stop rapid firing - even though I was fully obeying the rules, and doing so in a completely controlled manner.

He told me there were too many people around giving me looks, and he’d let me do it if there weren’t so many people around.

So even though I was following the rules, and just praciticing my damn rapid fire, a bunch of stuck up hunters had to be dicks about it.

This doesn’t apply to all hunters at the range - some of you guys treat me like a normal person - it’s all those “What do you need THAT for? You can’t hunt with that” assholes that piss me off.

Shut up and mind your own business.

Oh, and yes, it was the range master’s call to tell me to stop, not the hunters, but they weren’t just looking over at me with curiosity, but with a “hey, can you do something about that asshole who as the audacity not to practice killing deer?” look.

Just curious. Why do you need to practice rapid fire?

He was probably just goofing off a bit. I mean, it’s his rifle, and his ammo, so why not let loose every now and then?

They were minding their own business. Have you ever thought that it might be inconsiderate to rapid fire your weapon while other people were around? Most of the ranges I’ve been to actually have rules against rapid fire.


When I took the Texas concealed handgun license shooting test they had me rapid fire at a target. You can rapid fire as part of practicing self defense and sometimes it is just plain fun. Some ranges consider it rude behavior and I don’t rapid fire unless I’m in a private area.


I practice rapid fire because it’s a useful skill. Should I ever need to use my weapon to save my life, I want to be able to utilize it effectively.

The range rules allowed rapid fire, but limited them to 3 round bursts.

I wasn’t really goofing off - I practice my weapon control techniques - although I do admit it’s fun to cover the paper in holes in a few seconds.

I have no idea why it would be considered rude behavior. Gun ranges produce lots of noise. I was keeping all my fire on my target at all times - I wasn’t presenting a hazard of any type by shooting all over the place, but my fire was very controlled.

Also: I’ve been getting annoyed with the ‘dumb ass hunters’ at the range for a while, this was just one particular annoying incident. When I go to the range, and they’re shooting their tricked out, scoped, special barrel shotguns I don’t give them some dirty look, I leave them be.

But from about half of them, I automatically get attitude for shooting military type weapons. There’s somewhat of a divide between military type rifle shooters and hunters - mostly because hunters get elitist. I’ve never gone up to a hunter and said “What do you need that for? You can’t fire 1000 rounds without a failure with that!”, but I get shit like “What do you need that for? You can’t hunt with that” all the time.

The second to last time I was at the range, some hunter/ex cop decided to get in my face and say “Hey, those magazines aren’t legal”. I argued about it, told him the actual law, but he had this smug attitude about it - especially since the range master was around.
Did it really bother him if I loaded my mags fully or half way? No, he just had to get in my face about it because he had the same elitist attitude. He wanted to hassle me about it. Anyway, the range master didn’t know if he was right or wrong, so he told me to load up my mags half way for the rest of the day. The next time I printed up the law and brought it.

I’m mostly annoyed with the dirty looks and pestering. The fact that I had to restrict my fire today was only a symptom over the overall elitism over a bunch of dumb asses who try to see who can fit the heavier scope to their damn shotgun.

I leave them alone, but half of them always have something to prove with me.

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So, you’re saying that you and the Range Master knew what they were thinking? The hunters didn’t say a word? You and the Range Master based a response on what you thought someone else’s expression meant?

Truly amazing. The problem is with the Range Master. Find a better range.

Just out of curiosity, what gun(s) are you shooting?

I know quite a few hunters, but none of them are like you describe. You should get a semiauto twelve gauge and start doing rapid fire exercises with it…

<BBQ Pit>Fuckin’ assholes.</pit>

The range I shoot at occasionally is geared towards hunters, competition target, and bench shooters. At one end there’s some setups for pistol shooters.

I’ve never seen it, but I’ve heard stories about when Joe Paramilitary shows up with his duffel bag full of exotic and esoteric weaponry, and tries to set a record for firing the most ammo in the shortest time frame.

Every range has a rythmn, and with that going on, it becomes impossible for the rest of the shooters to do what they came there to do.

The story is pretty similar to yours because the range master would let this guy do what he wanted when the ranges was uncrowded of their were just pistol shooters there.

He didn’t seem to understand that something might be ok at one time and not at another, and the range master banned him.

It’s not that hunters and target shooters are being elitist, but that rapid-firing is just plain rude if there are target shooters present.

Corutesy should stay your hand in these circumstances without the range masters inteference.

There are ranges that cater to rapid fire, or paramilitary style shooters. Why not try one of those?

Rude? Please. I am both a target shooter (with my AR-15) and what I guess you would call a “paramilitary shooter.”

I have been at the range practicing my target positions while others have been there. Hell, the random fire from the next table is helpful! When you are match shooting you never know when the guy next to you is going to fire his next round. Why practice in complete silence for an even that will take place in an environment of unstructured noise?

I don’t think the range master should have sensored you, but it is his perogative.

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As a range saftey officer, I’d have to say that were other members complaining to me about your rapid fire, I too, would have asked you to stop, c’mon in the clubhouse, have a cup of coffee and wait 'til the other guys are finished. Gotta serve the majority on the range any given time. Even if you were technically breaking no rules with three-round bursts, there’s a common courtesy that should be adhered to.

Here’s something I find kinda odd about your story. How far were you shooting? It seems a bit unusual to me that you were practicing rapid-fire from the same distance that hunters are practicing. I’d think they’d wanna be taking longer shots, which should preclude you guys from using the range at the same time anyway. These guys weren’t shooting from behind you were they? And who was there first? You, or them?


The ranges I frequent are one of two types: Outdoors - no rapidfire; or Indoors - whatever blows yer skirt up as long as you stay safe.

You sure you can’t find one of the more tollerant ranges in your area?


The ranges I frequent are one of two types: Outdoors - no rapidfire; or Indoors - whatever blows yer skirt up as long as you stay safe.

You sure you can’t find one of the more tollerant ranges in your area?

#$%&! I hit ‘submit’ Once, dammit! What’s w/the freekin’ double post?!

Tranquilis, kindly refrain from rapid posting until the other shooters have finished. :slight_smile:


The range master was over talking to the other guys before he came over to me. I’ve dealt with the same range master before, and he had no problem with rapid fire, and so I doubt he suddenly decided he didn’t like me.


That’s not me. I don’t show up in BDUs and try to impress everyone with my leetness.


Noise, at a gun range, makes it impossible for other people to shoot? I find that hard to believe.

It’s not that hunters and target shooters are being elitist, but that rapid-firing is just plain rude if there are target shooters present.


I don’t understand why. How is it rude?

Is it rude for the muzzle loader guy to send a cloud of smoke down my way? Is it rude for the guy with the big ass shotgun to shoot LOUD magnum slugs?

Can I ask the range master to make them stop?


I honestly don’t see what’s discourteous about firing more than twice a minute like they do.

Find me one within 60 miles of cleveland and I’ll gladly go.