Didn't taste it until you said it

Let’s say you’re eating a dish and the cook says he had put some lemon in it. Prior to this, you didn’t taste it, but after he tells you, it’s the only thing you taste in the dish. Is there a word, either culinary, psychological or otherwise, for this?

Confirmation Bias?

I dunno, but I’ll contribute little by sharing a related anecdote…

I once had a roommate from Louisiana. He often made coffee with chicory in it, as they do down there. I tried some and said it tasted like coffee with pepper. Unfortunately for him, once I said it he agreed, and I kinda ruined it for him! I felt bad.

I’ve heard the same thing about root beer tasting like toothpaste; a friend of mine didn’t notice it before, but now he can’t stop noticing it.