Didn't there use to be an option to send a post as a PM to a person

I could have sworn that, in the past, I could click the button in the top left of the post and get an option to send the post as a private message to an individual. You would have the options 1. You would have “Reply as linked topic” and “Reply to post”, but also one to reply to the specific person. That way it was easier to PM someone about a post they made, or to easily decide that your reply made more sense as a private message.

Am I misremembering, or has that changed?

Use the Flag feature to do that, though I think you’re limited in text size.

I’m aware of that. But I was sure there was also a feature in the dropdown I mention. I remember there always being three options there, not just two. And I could have sworn one was something like “Reply as private message” that I had used before.

Using the Report feature meant I had to copy my post and paste it. And, yes, it for some reason has a character limit that is lower than a normal PM.

Come to think of it, you may be right.

Instead of clicking Reply, click the user’s name on the top left of the post and select Message on the right. This will bring up the form for a PM with their selected post as the subject and a link to the post in the body of the message.

I don’t remember if there used to be a separate button for it or not. If it was one of the options that you get on the button on the top left when you click Reply then they must have changed it.

Ah, neat. I think that one used to not link to the post.