Didn't you recognize me?

Yesterday I wanted to post a reply to the agressive dog thread in GD but the "post reply "option wasn’t there.


The only thing I can think of is I may have used a back door to access SDMB and yall didn’t recognize me???

Um, did it maybe say “Closed” instead? :confused: Or do you mean it just didn’t have anything at all in that spot?

Sometimes when it does weird stuff like that, if you click Refresh, it fixes itself.


[I think he’s buying it, guys, maybe he’ll take the hint and leave…okay, now, dammit people, who left the back door unlocked this time?]

There was nothing at all in that spot.
I thought that maybe if you aren’t registered it might do that.
At the time the board was s—l---o—w---I didn’t wait I just went to another site.

Kinda wierd

Sometimes you can time out loading a page and lose an image. The browser will keep trying until the “last” image comes in, but sometimes the images come by different paths and arrive out of order. The browser then thinks it’s done when it isn’t.

Did you try putting your cursor over the area where the icon should have been?
Sometimes the link is there even though the icon isn’t. If your cursor icon indicates there is something there then you can click even though the link is invisible.
Just a thought. It sounds to me like tshirts is on the right track.

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