Difference between "XR" for "Extended Reality" i.e. Augmented/Mixed/Virtual Reality, and "X Reality"

I’m in love with the term “XR” as meaning “Extended Reality”, a general category for the union of Aumented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Virtual Reality. This is a growing term and I believe it will come into common usage as AR/MR/VR gets more and more popular. But I’m confused as to the term “X Reality” which also uses the term “XR”. The Wikipedia article is very confusing to me. Can anyone shed some light on what “X Reality” is and whether it’s likely to cause confusion in the scope of people using the term “XR” to refer to AR/MR/VR like I like?

Researching a bit more, I think they’re generally the same thing. I’m still open to anyone’s opinions on this matter, though. Here’s a good vid that explains “X Reality” but doesn’t specifically use the term “Extended Reality”
Here’s a vid that I think explains the term X reality well.
Basically I think “XR” is going to become a very common way of saying “AR/MR/VR/etc”

It doesn’t didn’t stand for anything, its just “X” reality. The “alphabet soup” of different …R acronyms was becoming unwieldy (first Augmented Reality AR, then Mixed Reality MR). So the term XR was coined to cover all of them.
Unity support this interpretation, among others: