Diggleblop has a giant schwanz!

Sorry, I just could not let this thread continue to go unmocked.

Are we really to believe this thread was posted in hopes of a serious reply? If so, wouldn’t it, perhaps, have been more fruitful to write the company that manufactures the MAGNUM XL condom?

What other brainteasers can we look forward to from you, diggy?

“What jaw exercises can I do to perform cunnilingus for longer than two hours?”

“Is it possible to kill a woman with too many orgasms?”

“Lightheadness due to blood loss when erect: Any solutions?”

C’mon, the only intent here was to advertise the size of your member, so I have saved you the trouble with my thread title. You’re welcome, tiny!

I’m sorry if this is the wrong thread, but I clicked on the first one I could find and this is an emergency.

Can anyone tell me how to treat my wife for shattered pelvis and ruptured female genitalia? I kept hitting the back of her throat while we were having vaginal sex, and when I changed positions, I knocked the chandelier on us, which caused her to twist and I think I broke her. What can I do?

Perhaps that’s why he’s such a dumbass-all that blood has drained out of his brain?

Methinks he doth protest too much.

Questions about penis reduction surgery

Hey, be nice to diggleblop. Speaking as someone with an enormous wang, I can attest to how difficult it is to casually slip mention of your generous endowment into everday conversation. It’s really very trying.

I was trying to figure out how to pit that thread, but then I fell asleep; exhausted from the eyerolling. Thanks for doing it up right, AW.

By the way, everyone I meet keeps killing themselves because of my extreme beauty and intelligence. Anyone have any practical suggestions on what to do with the bodies?

When bragging about sexual matters, the key is to be subtle.

Oh lord, I didn’'t realize the ‘penis reduction’ thread was his, too!

Oakminster I knew SOMEBODY was going to make that comment! And as soon as I have a witty comeback I will be back with it!

Oh boy, is it. I was trying to tie mine into a square knot the other day, but I kept on ending up with a granny. Not that she was complaining …

Oh come on. Some men have large penises, and they have issues relating to that. There is no way to ask that question without implying that one has a large penis, and if you automatically label that “bragging”, then I think the problem is with you.

Perhaps he should change his username to CAPTAIN UBERDONG. Able to pole vault tall buildings and otherwise save the universe with his pugnacious pecker…

Have you tried just tripping over the thing?
At first the girls think you’re a bit clumsy, but then they get to thinkin.
It works for me.

I have a giant cock. Hm, I don’t usualy have a problem subtly slipping it in to conversations here and there. I have a giant cock. I think the diggler needs to work more on his subtlety.

I swear to God, I had this comic open in another window when I read this post.

After reading this thread:

I’m thinking maybe Diggleblop needs to go drinking with Autolycus…for science!

There is no way to ask what question? About the existence of warming Magnum XL condoms? Can’t he email the company? Is there no Google? Sorry, ** Priceguy**, I’m not buying it.

“What jaw exercises can I do to perform cunnilingus for longer than two hours?”

I’ve found that rolling a bowling ball up the handicapped ramp at the Library with my tongue gives me great stamina in this area. Try to do at least 10 reps.

“Is it possible to kill a woman with too many orgasms?”

No. But I can get her to pass out fairly easily.

“Lightheadness due to blood loss when erect: Any solutions?”

Transfusions. I find that the additional unit of plasma helps maintain the diamond-hardness of my mighty member for at least 2 hours, or 4 orgasms (mine).


You have a penis that you can tie in a know and you kept ending up with a granny? Jeez. :smack:

It took me a solid thirty seconds to get the joke here, because I’m so used to just blowing past signatures.

Kudos, sir. Well played.