Diggleblop has a giant schwanz!

Those objections can be made about pretty much every question asked here; yet I don’t see Pit threads opened about them.

Just sayin’, if you automatically assume that mention of a larger-than-average male member is bragging, the issue might lie with you and not the mentioner. Someone could walk around with a sign saying “I’ve got a great big tonker” and I’d just shrug.

August: It is with extreme diffidence that I raise this problem, as I would not want to be thought a nitpicker regarding the subtleties of grammar. But in your thread title, you appear to have misused a form of the verb to have when you wanted the parallel form of the verb to be.

Yours for clarity in writing,
I. M. O’blivviyus


Provided this isn’t a woosh, considering diggleblop’s posting history, I’d reconsider.

But what if the sign were hung on his great big tonker?

I have to hang a sign on mine with six inch nails.

Then it might qualify for a raised eyebrow. Possibly two, if it had been a dull day.

Which way do you guys fold yours when you wear pants? 'Cause I haven’t figured out how to wear pants at all. Maybe mine’s just too big for 'em! :smiley:

From the locked thread:

Fucker owes me a new keyboard. I had a mouthful of 7-UP when I read that! :stuck_out_tongue:

NAILS?! whimper

PS-I suggest he wears a two-man tent over it. Works for me.

Oh, yeah, you’re the king of subtle. :smiley:

Maybe he should sell advertising space on it…

If a 747 was parked on his penis, and he ran forward at exactly the same speed that the engines were pushing backward…

In my defense, I thought she was an attractive, underaged female who might have sex with me.

Oh, totally. Subtlety goes right out the window under those circumstances. :wink:

Fuckers. People with huge cocks, like me, have feelings too.

I am just recently able to wear pants. I learned to attach my gigantic cock to a retracting hose reel that I wear on my ankle. Before that, I had to drag it behind me on a wheeled dolly. I can’t even tell you what life was like before my penis reduction surgery, but I take comfort in the fact that I improved the lives of dozens of under-endowed men who received grafts and enhancements using the extra 38 inches that I donated.

I see diggleblop hasn’t given any advice in this thread, but that’s not too surprising since he does nothing but start inane GQ threads.

Silo, is that you?

My cock is huge.

From The Onion:

Ugly Man With Huge Penis Unsure How To Get The Word Out.