Diggleblops gigantic penis

The thread was closed by a moderator. However, I don’t feel like we have covered the full length of this topic yet. There most be some more thoughts regarding the member in question.
Panic ensues.

First of all, are we certain the real concern is an enormous member, and not simply really small vaginas?

Closing that thread left me all deflated I must say. I felt it was decidedly premature given the enormity of the issue. Sometimes our mods are a little too quick off the mark, and need to curb their impatience. I mean, really, would it have pained them a lot to pace themselves a little more, and allow the thread to come to its own eventual petit-death?


I had a girlfriend once that told me she would only marry a guy that had a 9" Johnson. I thought for a minute and told her I wasn’t cutting off 4" for anybody.

If memory serves, that was the tag line in the movie “Deep Throat.”

Obviously your dick is bigger than your brain if it took you an entire minute to weigh up the short and long term consequences of marrying this chick. :stuck_out_tongue:

The problem is not size, it’s blood flow. I only have enough blood to run one head at a time. When 90% of the blood is in one head, the other one responds slower.

So which one is typing on the board at the moment? :wink:

Why are all the ads at the bottom for mushrooms?

No one has mentioned mushrooms at all.
I suspect human intervention, with a weird sensayuma.

The only way to be sure is photographic evidence!

OK, now the ad asks us to “Make (Your) Donation Today” to the BushClintonKatrinaFund. That can truly be brought so many more places than the appendage in question.

I used to be nice and naive. Then I found the internet :slight_smile:

You have to admit, mushrooms look rather phallic in silhouette.

How Google knows this however…

Well, that was my point – whatever automatic routine selects the ads ought not to make the connection between phallic and mushrooms, unless either 1.) A human looks in every now and then to nudge it that way, or 2.) some perverse human programmed in a phallic /mushroom connection.

Maybe it’s some sort of Amazon-esque popularity ranking.

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Man, ain’t that the way it always is? Some guy happens to mention penis size in an off-hand way, and the girls are immediately clamoring for pictures. I feel so objectivized!


I imagine that measurements would be more reliable.

Not if he provides the data in base 2.

Maybe this is the first sign that Google is evolving intelligence and awareness, Skynet-style. Perhaps the increasing number of web pages devoted to the fine art of mushroom tattoos have closed some sort of pseudo-synaptic loop in Google’s server farm.

I think that this must be true. The current Google ad is for “Humor Writing Workshops”, something the posters in this thread are clearly in serious need of.

I of course have nothing but sympathy for Diggleblop and his affliction, having had to live with such a handicap for many years myself. I mean, I can hardly see around the thing to drive.