Digital VU Meter

This probably isn’t the best place on the web to ask for answers to code-related questions, but I’ve seen a few here in the past so I thought I’d drop mine in.

I’m writing some software for doing digital recording and I’d like to drop a meter in so the user can set the recording levels. Does anyone know of a site where I might find a discussion of how a VU meter works? Example code would be nice, but learning how things work makes them more fun.

On a related note, could anyone point me at a good site for asking oddball programming questions?

What programming language are you working in? Most programming boards are pretty language-specific. There’s probably some Active-X controls already written to do what you want with modification, and knowing which language you use will help me find one for you.

I’m using VB6. I know it’s the wrong tool for the job, but it’s what I’ve got the most experience in. I wrote a lot of signal processing code in VB at my last job.

I’ve found a couple of ActiveX controls that do metering, but since this is mostly a personal project I’d like to learn how they work. No sense in taking on a project if you don’t learn something along the way.

I’ll see if I can find the source code for one. Meanwhile, here is a fairly decent VB forum.

…not sure if that was a mis-paste on Q.E.D.'s part, or a subtle dig at VB.

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