Dilbert brings pie!

I always thought Dilbert would be a Doper…

when come back, bring the name of the comic strip where the pie bit originated from.

the “When come back bring pie” wasn’t a SDMB only thing, was it? I mean, I know it wasn’t from here, but it was at least locally on other boards famous as well, right?

Or am I at a complete loss hoping that maybe someone else somewhere might get it when I say “When come back bring pie!”

Nobody has.

And nobody’s gotten the joke either. :smiley:


I read in another thread here on the Dope that “When come back, bring pie” originated with the Flash cartoon Weebl and Bob.

That sounds reasonable.

Edit: Curse you, Raygun99! My rage for you burns with the intensity of the Springfield tire fire!

Sorry, cochrane. Here pie.


Dan Piraro thinks that it is a refrence to his work!

He should illustrate it with a pie chart.