Ding Dong, election threads are dead.

As I type this, Gore is resigning. For better or for worse, the election has ended. Does this mean the election threads will too?

Guess not.

It’s all over but the whining.

Unless two or more of Bush’s Electors do something interesting, in which case Gore can still be president, or the election could be thrown into the House of Representatives, or the VP election could be thrown into the Senate…

(Don’tcha just hate people like me?)

if I may quote a famous person…

“Free at last, Free at last! Thank God almight, free at last!”

From election nonsense, that is.

Thank heavens. No more presidency codswallop.

Though I AM waiting with a rather morbid curiosity to see the results of the ballots that weren’t counted. I see a number of press outlets have applied to have access to them. Won’t that be interesting?

Have we heard the end of this? Not by a long shot!

The Democrats will no doubt push for a complete FOI disclosure so that they can prove their case. Then they can stand up and belatedly so “We told you so!”

The other long-lasting effect is that Bush will be constantly reminded that he only won on a technicality, and that he actually got less of the national vote than did Gore. Hence his mandate to anything at all will be constantly questioned. To make matters worse, he must win over an evenly divided Congress and Senate to get his agenda through.

So, even if you are sick of it now, you’re only going to get sicker…

The GD board has been full of boring, election drivel and I sure hope this ties up those threads 'cause it has been totally uninteresting!

Too true, from what I’ve seen here on this board. Nothing to indicate anyone is ready to go ahead and worry about the country. They intend to rerun this election for the next four years. Hell, I was tired of it after the first few months on the trail. Clinton didn’t have a mandate from the people, if anyone cares to recall, and he’s done well despite being hounded by the opposition. I suspect we’ll just switch players and continue on with business as usual.