Dinner For Five-Poll

If you could have dinner and a conversation with any four currently living people, who would they be?

Part of me wants to say Vladimir Putin, Dubya, Queen Elizabeth II and Emperor Akihito, just for the name-dropping rights. But in truth several of those named would kill my appetite. So instead, I chose:

Joss Whedon
Terry Pratchett
Ron Moore
Christopher Moore

Mine would be:

Harlan Ellison
James Randi
Penn Jillette
Theresa “Darklady” Reed

Joss Whedon
Scott Bakula
Angela Lansbury
Jason Alexander
(the actor, not Brittney’s ex)

Dopers (there are so many that to get them all in, I’d have to host several dinner parties, but for starters):
Mr Bus Guy

John Stewart
Peter O’Toole
Barack Obama
George Clooney (just for the eye candy)

Wait - do I have to pick up the check for this dinner??

Cowboy Bill Watts
Dusty Rhodes
Ole Anderson
Terry Funk

Michael Hayes
Ted Dibiase

Menu is steak & tater & beer.  LOTS of beer.

Definately one of the members of Queen really doesn’t matter which one but if I had to pick between the three, I guess it would be Roger Taylor.
In fact, If I actually got to have dinner with four people IRL,I would probably pick all three members but in this thread I will just pick Roger.
Georgia Frontiere owner of the St.Louis Rams,I’d ask her for a job.
NFL cheerleader Shantel Mancito, I’d ask her for a job.
Cartoonist Bill Watterson

Richard Bach
Robin Williams
Steve Martin
Condi Rice

I think I shall have to have a second dinner with
Alton Brown
Carol Burnett
Bette Midler
Jon Stewart

Stephen Fry
Chris Morris
Paul McCartney
Matt Groening

Meryl Streep
William Goldman
Randy Newman
Stephen Ambrose

Off the top of my head

Cecil Adams
David Letterman
Annie Lennox
Hillary Clinton

Adam Savage
Jamie Hyneman
Ellen DeGeneres
Colin Mochrie
I’d be laughing a lot, and something would probably explode over the course of dinner. What more could I ask for?

Neil Peart, Tony Millionaire, Steve Howe (the guitarist, not the spitter) and someone else not to be named at this time. (see recent posts)

Those first three better have something to discuss among themselves.

Tom Waits
Stephen Colbert
Matt Groening
Howard Stern

I just wanna be entertained…


Michael Shermer
James Randi

On second thought, can I trade them all in for a date with Mariah Carey.

Terry Pratchett*
hrm… Benedicto XVI. Could make for some very interesting conversation, if the other two ladies didn’t kill me for bringing him :smiley:

  • Years ago, I went to a literary con in Barcelona. TP was the initial speaker. I wasn’t wearing my headphones, so I didn’t notice the problems with the sound system… when they were solved, he said he’d been wondering why only two people were laughing :stuck_out_tongue:
    We were talking on the way to lunch so I got seated beside him. He asked whether I’d read any of his books, I answered “no. Hey I’m a student, I’m poor! But based on that speech I figure I’ll give one a try.” Cool guy. The book I happened to pick is one of the best in the series: advanced enough to have gotten the kinks worked out and the jokes were still new (Guards, Guards). I am so hooked now.

Tom Schelling
Desmond Tutu
Aung San Suu Kyi
Muhammad Yunus

Depends. Am I allowed to put cyanide in the amuse bouche?