Dinner Time (again)

Tonight simple was the theme. Two new york strip steaks, a bit of salt and pepper, nice hot pan, cooked to 125ish internal, put on a plate and tented under foil to rest a bit. Eaten with some Mezzetta brand yellow chili peppers and slice of bread and homemade plum jelly. Milk to drink.

What did you have for dinner?

Leftovers. Roasted red pepper bisque, plus a Philly cheese steak for the husband and a grilled cheese for me. Saving money!

Tonight was ‘what’s in the freezer?’ night. That turned out to be some chicken medallions I seasoned with a little salt and Penzey’s Black and Red blend and served over a bed of Stouffer’s fettucine alfredo. Some naan and a green salad to go with.

Smoked salmon jerky from Meijer mixed with Philadelphia cream cheese and hot sauce. On triscuits. Strawberry rhubarb hand pie. Ice water.

Raviolis; squash and fennel, and four cheese. Served with marinara sauce and a salad. Box wine to drink

Goes without saying at my house. :grinning:

We’ve been on a dessert kick lately. We go through periods of not having it, then we break down and start again. Right now the dessert is angel cake with sugared strawberries. So that’s like, half vitamin C, isn’t it?

Last night it was burritos filled with homemade refried beans, beef pot roast in chili sauce, and Monterey jack cheese.

Tonight, hmm. Maybe it’ll be ravioli bought from a local Italian deli sauced with Rao’s tomato basil sauce and parmesan. Maybe. We ought to instead have something with a lot of veg.

A Minnesota classic - a hot dish (casserole). A layer of O’Brien hash browns, a layer of seasoned, browned ground beef, a layer of frozen mixed vegetables, drizzle a can of cream of mushroom soup mixed with some milk. Bake then top with french fried onions and shredded cheese and put it back in the oven to melt the cheese.

mrAru travels alternate weekends - we made the informed decision that if he leaves for the weekend, if he provides a washed and ready crock pot, a hank of keilbasa, a small bag of baby carrots, a small bag of washed baby potatoes, the usual bunch of celery [I go through at least 1 a week as a snack item], a bag of cole slaw shredded cabbage and a bag of the small boiling onions, when he gets home in the afternoon there will be stooo and a loaf of bread waiting.

It is getting more difficult for me to cook - standing longer than about 2 minutes, walking more than about 20 feet is pretty much my in house limit. If I use a wheelchair or crutches, I can of course extend my time and distance, but they are difficult to use in the barn studio [small, narrow movement areas]

Tonkatsu (Japanese style fried pork cutlet), soy ginger and hoisin sauces, steamed jasmine rice, homemade cucumber salad with onion and rice wine vinegar.

Grilling some chicken marinated in ginger sesame lime marinade, and some foil packets of potatoes onions and peppers. Ooh they’re just about done!

It’s overcast and dreary outside, though not raining. Still, I wasn’t moved to fire up the grill as I ordinarily would be.

Chicken drumsticks painted with olive oil, smoked paprika, salt, pepper (both black and red), garlic and onion powder and baked in the oven, together with a salad of cabbage, sliced peppers, carrots, green onions and cilantro and topped with a spicy peanut dressing I made earlier in the week.

Mixed berries with a little cream for dessert.

Ooohhh the cucumber salad sounds yummy. I’ve never tried it with rice vinegar, I’m going to now that I have the idea

It’s one of my favorite sides during the warmer months. This is close to the one I use:

Although I’ll leave out the fish sauce if cooking for my wife (who is vegetarian) or friends who aren’t into the funk - and I’ll just slice the cucumbers into rounds, taking out the seeds and halving just isn’t worth the extra effort.

Thanks for the recipe, yes I like it during a warm summer evening, with the kitchen window open, fresh and cool out of the fridge…I use Mom’s recipe(of course cuz Mom’s Cooking is always best, yeah?) which is cukes onion oil vinegar and sour cream with a little salt and if you like black pepper.

Others may be brave enough to deny a mother’s cooking, but -I- certainly am not!

And both versions are excellent, I just like the Thai style when pairing with Asian or Asian-inspired dishes.

Red Baron® Classic Crust Supreme Pizza, spiced up to my satisfaction.

Sometimes quick, cheap and easy hits the spot. The hardest part is removing the cellophane.

JustRoll’dUp sushi truck! They are friends of ours.

He encouraged me to try a poke bowl not yet on the menu. Amberjack, Kimchee, boiled egg, etc. Also some sashimi; Ōra King Salmon, and Yellowfin Tuna.

Box wine to drink.

That cow wasn’t cooked; it was just resting a bit after being in the sauna. Damn thing probably walked onto the plate itself at that (low) temp. ::shudder::

Tonight was flounder with a panko/parmesan crust, roasted green beans with almonds and sliced strawberries. It was quite good.