Dinner was awesome

Cajun Salmon
Fresh broccoli

The linked recipe is from my friend Dave’s cookbook. The broccoli was just boiled, and the mac’n’cheese’ was Kraft. So nothing fancy, but the combination of the three just tasted good. (I did add a little more salt and about a teaspoon of red pepper flakes to the rub before I ground it together.)

Oh – And a glass of homemade soy milk with local fireweed honey and vanilla extract.

Okay, the homemade soy milk sounds AMAZING. And you’re in the Pacific northwest - you’re always having salmon! ::jealous::

Hope it wasn’t some nasty Atlantic Salmon. :slight_smile:

Perish the thought!

I loves me some wild-caught Pacific salmon! :smiley:

I made the soy milk with one of these, rather than doing it with the muslin. (Hm. The price went up five bucks since I bought mine a few weeks ago.)

It’s been put on my Amazon wishlish (to be purchased at a later date).