Diplomacy Players?

WAY back when I was quite the SDMB Diplomacy organizer. I’m considering using FaceBook to run another Diplomacy game for SDMB users. Do we have enough interest?

I’ll volunteer.

I’m down.

I’d love to play.

Diplomacy is just too long and involved for me right now, but I’m curious about how you’re going to run it on Facebook.

I already am involved in one board game here, and that’s sufficient for now.

I’d still strongly recommend 1900. The map flaws in Standard typically cause a lot of our games to stalemate eventually I’ve noticed.

Essentially, I set up a group for the game on Facebook. Players submit moves to me and I adjudicate them in RealPolitik and post them and the map on Facebook and await the next move. It’s much simpler than it used to be when I ran the SDMB games and had to code the results in HTML for posting on my web server.

Plus, I have access to 21 variants - including some of the weird ones - and the 1898 map that was designed for a different balance of power.

Anyway, that’s three players. Four more to go and we’ll get started.

I would be interested except that I don’t have a facebook account. If you change your mind and host the game here or on another board, let me know!

Well, I suppose I could send the maps as attachments. I’m open to that.

So that’s four. I need three more players!

It’s been a dream of mine to one day play Tommy Larrson’s 1600 Variant, but I’ll pass on the Standard Game.

Still four! Three more to game-sign.

Can non-players watch? Can you create a “peanut gallery” thread here?

I’m by no means an expert player, but if there are any newbies who are considering participating but are hesitant, I’d be happy to help out a new player through the critical first rounds.

Would that mean you’re in, Johnny? That would make five.

And I’m sure there’ll be a thread about the game.

No, I don’t have the time or attention span right now to play a full game. Just offering to help out any new players who might want a hand.