Director's Self Adulation

I just rented Clockwork Orange* done by the late Mr. Kubrick, and when Malcolm McDowell’s character was in the record store, just before her shagged the two birds, the album cover in plain view at the counter was 2001, A Space Oddessy, a previous release of said director.

Do you recall other movies where a blatant or subtle reference was made to a previous movie? (Sequels do not qualify).

Aw, jesh, UncleBill. Haven’t you ever watched a Disney movie? They do it a lot.

So does Pixar studios.

You have to keep an out for them or you’ll miss 'em.

Maybe those don’t count, being animated features, but the same animators do work on them in their respective studios.

I know I’ve heard of live action instances, but I’m drawing a blank at the moment.

Obviously UncleBill,you’re not a Kevin Smith fan…

Characters and lines from Clerks (his first movie) are referenced in the next three movies-Mallrats,Chasing Amy and Dogma. Too many examples to list here.

Also the actor who plays the lead in Clerks, Brian O’Halloran,has cameo roles in the rest of the movies.

Got to love a screenwriter who has a scene discussing felching-he calls it snowballing.

Spaceballs the Flamethrower!

Felching is sucking the ejaculate from someone’s ass.

Snowballing is feeding it to them after you’ve blown them.

Two different things.

Sorry Hastur…

I bow to your mastery of felching and snowballing.

Now back to the OP…

John Landis and See You Next Wednesday

Hitchcock’s cameos in his movies

A really obscure one that my friend pointed out to me:
In Boogie Nights, there’s a character named Floyd Gondolli. This character is mentioned in Paul Thomas Anderson’s first movie, Hard Eight.

Paul LeMat’s car in American Graffiti had the license number THX 138. George Lucas directed both AG and THX-1138.

I’m not sure if this is referential or not, but it always struck me as more than just one star cameoing in another star’s film. To wit, is there anything more than just a cameo when Kevin Bacon races Steve Martin for a cab in “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”?

To the OP: There’s an “Alien” skeleton (or skull) in the Predator’s spaceship in “Predator 2.”

Sir Rhosis

In “Gremlins” the movie title on the theatre marquee was the working title for ET.

Lucas almost always has a reference to his movies.
In Star Wars Leia is in cell number 1138. In fact variations of 1138 and THX show up all of the time as addresses, registration numbers, etc.
Speaking od Star Wars, did anyone else notice that the first time you see the cockpit of the Millinium Falcon, there are two little stainles steel dice hanging above the windsheild? They Don’t show up again, but Chewie brushes them with the top of his head.
In Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, the sign on the bar at the beginning was “Club Obiwan.”

The Coen brothers also do it alot.
In Miller’s Crossing, the name of the hotel at the end is the Barton Arms.

Roman Polanski tends to be in most of his films.

In Any Given Sunday, Ben Hur is on the tube during one scene, then Charlton Heston shows up later as the commissioner of football.

It is common for directors to do this sort of thing, or to give Homage to other directors.

Or is it sometimes set dressers and assistants trying to kiss up to the director?