DirecTV commercial - 2 guys battling wolves in winter - Is that a real Movie?

DirecTV has a commercial that shows a guy watching a movie. The “movie” is set in winter and these two guys with torches are fighting off wolves.

Looks like a cool movie. Is that a real movie? What’s the title? I’d enjoy seeing it.

I’m not up on current movies. I suspect this one is probably something super popular and famous that I never heard of.


I don’t think so. There was a previous one with two cyborg ninja things fighting, and that wasn’t from a real movie either, as far as I know.

Ok, I guess they only got a great idea for a movie then. :wink:

Whoever is writing these commercials is doing a great job. That wolf scene was pretty intense.

Heh, I had the same thought. The commercial instilled in me zero desire to buy DirecTV. It did make me want to see a non-existent movie where people fight wolves. I guess if that makes it a good ad or a bad one is up to interpretation.

All I know is, I’m cheering for the wolves in that ad.

I haven’t seen the ad, but I immediately thought of The Edge with Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins. Not that I found that to be a particularly good movie, but hey, it has two dudes fighting an animal in a wintry wilderness.

Or the upcoming movie The Grey where Liam Neeson decides to just straight punch some wolves in their wolfy mouths.
Boom. Trailer.

Nah, the best and most hilarious murdering wolves are the ones from Frozen.

Best part is, the victims are so utterly dumb and useless, you will end up rooting for the wolves.

Because everyone knows that New England ski resorts are just *crawling *with man-eating wolves, ready to pick off the old, the sick, and the injured.

What makes these commercials so cool is the action fills whatever room it’s playing in. The guy watching is literally standing in the middle of the scene. I thought one of the wolves was going to rip the movie viewer to shreds. :smiley:

Sure wish we had tv that could do that for real. That would be a very intense viewing experience.

i thought it was that movie where a sudden ice age hits the earth and a cruise ship pulls up to the nyc library. some people went to the cruise ship to get something and were surrounded by wolves…

As long as you don’t confuse “pick off” with “pick up”, that’s a reasonable description of lounge.

Except in the end he settles on the couch to watch the movie on a regular 2-D flat screen TV! He’s basically got a holodeck in his house, but instead wants to watch a movie like the rest of us!

This one?

The wolves in the commercial are much more realistic (the movie’s wolves were a major source of complaints as I recall.)

In my version, the wolves would be the good guys and the guy would be some greedy oil baron or something and all the wolves would have names like the bunnies in Watership Down. Go Wolves! Hollywood here I come! :slight_smile:

I know that movie, I’m going to see it in two days.

I’m going to have a hard time taking the wolves seriously if they’re named Hazel, Dandelion and Blackberry. :stuck_out_tongue:

yep. that was the one i was thinking of.

people complained about wolves? what on earth for? were they named as above?

Um, guys? In that commercial, there’s only one guy fighting wolves.