‘Dirty bomb’ attack foiled

News story found here http://www.msnbc.com/news/764658.asp .

Looks like the government is getting its act together. Assuming that the suspect was not caught and was able to bring the plans to life, how bad of a disaster could it have been? How powerful of a bomb can one make from “nuclear scraps”?

Kudos to the people in the agencies responsible for this person’s capture. There is no telling how many lives they’ve saved.

However, it’s scary to think there are probably many more like this scumball out there.

So, how hard is it for Mr. guy-who-lost-an-election-to-a-dead-person to decide that I am an enemy combatant before I have a trial for spitting on the side walk so that I have “fewer legal rights than an ordinary defendant in a legal case”? (quote CNN)

I’m glad they caught the guy, but let’s have a trial before we shoot him.

It appears they are backing off on the story. Now they seem to think he was planned to be a sleeper agent. Can’t they make up our minds?

I love how they bring up his capture and arrest a full MONTH after the fact. Glad they’re keeping us posted.

Ditto to that. The timing of this report is suspicious. I’m sure that they told us now because the FBI and CIA are both in some pretty deep shit over missing all the signals that led up to 9/11. I think that they’re tying to show us that they really can catch bad guys, when they stop beating each other over the head long enough…