Dirty Flea Bitten Whores Doing Anything You Want!!

That’s the subject line of a piece of spam I found in my email junk mail box.

Is this a nitch market I’m unaware of? Notice that the mail dosen’t promise just whores, not even just dirty whores. Personally, if I were looking for that type of thing, dirty whores would be just the ticket, assuming that “dirty” means willing to do extreme sex acts. I am starting to wonder if in this case “dirty” might not mean “Haven’t bathed since the Garfield presidency” because, after all, these dirty whores are flea bitten too.

Let me see if I have this straight: I’m expected to fantasize about women who are infested with fleas. Is this for people who have an itching fetish? How about ticks? Naked women crawling with ticks would be a real turn on. Lice? Rats? Lice-ridden rats? There really are a lot of posibilities here, ones I’ve never thought of before! This is great! I think I’m gonna hold out, however. I’ll take my credit card out and put it next to the computer now, however.

That way when I get an offer for “DIRTY FLEA BITTEN DISEASED WHORES” I’ll be ready.

Hey Weird, whatever turns you on man!

Can somebody bring a dozen bottles of Lysol so that we can disinfect him afterwards?
Eeewwwwwwww…I’m feeling all itchy just THINKING about it!:frowning:

When you get one offering Plague-infested Whores, forward it to me, I’m sure those flea-bitten whores will get sick soon! :smiley:

When you’re having sex with a flea ridden whore…that’s where having a “super long penis™” (guaranteed!) will save your bacon…

Actually, flea bitten is shorthand for any number of vermin, fungal or bacterial infections that their whores are guaranteed to have at lwast ONE of.

Feel better?:stuck_out_tongue:

I saw that spam. too.
A whore who has been bitten by fleas.
Hart’s flea collar time?
No, since they’re also dirty, it’s Hart’s flea shampoo time.

Are you sure they mean human whores? Maybe it’s code used by people that are into bestiality. You know, like those rappers that talk about their bitches.

[sub]Who let the dogs out?[/sub]

Hey, it works for me! :smiley:

Fleas can jump as hight as seven inches, so you have to add at least that much to what would normally be necessary for a satisfying sexual experience. According to my calculations, you’d have a real challenge on your hands!

Any man that well endowed would require so much blood for an erection that he would probably pass out anyway! :stuck_out_tongue:

So it’s NOT that guys’ brains are in their penises when aroused, just their brain’s blood supply? That explains so much! :smiley:

I KNEW that complex intellectual discourse was a bad strategy for sex! I KNEW my my veneer of politeness and civility was costing me in lost sexual opportunity!

Now I know! I’m suffering from too small a penis, because my brain retains too much blood! :smiley:

Whadda think? Longer or Thicker? :stuck_out_tongue: