Disability/Sickness insurance

Anyone have these policies

I’m looking for opinions/input on the topic

I need something for the husband in case of sickness or disability that would not be covered by social security for short term

Basically to cover auto payment and house payment

The ones I looked up were in regard to employer related policies…That part is not going to happen. We want something for the individual ourselves

Any ideas?

You are looking for Disability Income insurance. Social Security Disability doesn’t cover squat in the short term.

Broadly, there are two definitions used. One pays if the insured is not able to perform his own occupation due to covered disability. A cheaper version only pays if the insured is unable to perform any occupation due to covered disability. You want “own occupation” coverage.

Just as with life insurance, you can benefit from getting multiple quotes. An independent insurance agent may have access to policies from different companies and be able to help you find one that best fits your situation and goals.

Guide to Disability Income Insurance (pdf) from the National Association of Health Underwriters

Most of the same companies that provide short term disability insurance through employers also have plans for individuals, but you have to contact them to get a quote. My guess is, because you are not part of a group, you are going to find that individual disability insurance is going to be prohibitively expensive, depending on your husband’s age.


State Farm

Sun Life

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I know all about SS, they suck no matter what occasion :eek::mad::dubious:

I am looking to see if anyone here has had or knows about the disability/sickness insurance-I can easily call the companies but I’m just looking for the membership opinions-thanks!:smiley:

My wife collected on her short term disability. They paid two thirds of her current salary for six months, until she qualified for SS disability.

That would probably be a good return

Did you have to wait months for them to pay the amounts?

What company was it?

I have serveral individual own occupation disability policies. They are not cheap, but you’re more likely to end up disabled before retirement than dead. Many companies offer LTD policies, such as Northwestern Mutual, UnumProvident, Mass Mutual, NY Life, Standard, Principal Financial, etc, etc.

They can get complicated, but as mentioned above, generally you want “own occ,” not “any occ.” The terms can be two years, five years, or to age 65. Some have a two year limit for “mental or emotional” disabilities. I’d find a agent you can trust and try to really understand the terms.

Also, be completely honest and thorough in the application, don’t let the agent tell you not to put something down. These companies are quite eager to look very closely at your application if you ever make a claim and try to rescind the policy if they can argue you withheld material information.

This website might offer you some information and/or a starting point as to which companies offer this type of individual coverage.


Standard Insurance Company. As I recall, they started paying as soon as her vacation and sick time ran out. But her short term disability was obtained through her employer.

I had an own occupation short term disability policy with UnumProvident. When I made a claim there were… issues.

The case was complicated. I was injured on the job. While worker’s comp was doing their thing I was diagnosed with an unrelated disabling condition. Should have been able to claim two years of coverage after the end of my worker’s comp case.

UnumProvident did not correctly coordinate with the worker’s comp insurer. Conveniently for them this meant they refused to pay several months worth of benefits that were owed under the policy.

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