Disadvantage for Certain Men in Workplace

Inspired by my previous thread about privilege and disadvantages, I thought I would let you all know the major disadvantage that I have had to work under my entire life.

In my next job, I’m going to ask for all female interviewers.

This explains everything!

This only makes me realize how much worse my life could have been if I had been handsome.

Bill Clinton feels your pain.

Then why the heck do I keep getting laid off? You’d think I’d be unfireable.

Everyone I worked for in LA was gay. Last job, we had a saying. Sexual discrimination doesn’t work that was around here. True story.

It’s bad enough as a tall-ish, athletic man with a full head of hair in his 40s, I have to endure constant slurs like “McDreamy”, “Richard Gere”, and “wassup Justin Trudeau, handsome Prime Minister of Canada”. Now my dream job of schmoozing with clients, flirting with cute vendor reps and not doing much actual real work is in jeopardy?

I thought those 26 year old analysts at work were just talking my ear off because they were trying to suck up to a more senior manager. But now I’m worried it might be because they are ATTRACTED to me!

Your username… It’s not “ms smith”. I get that now. :smack: