Disapearing Hives

Recently a coworker of mine was saying her eyes itched. Then about 2 hours later she came back from the rest room in panic. She thought she as a horrible disease. I told her no her face was broken out with hives. She didn’t know what that was. I told her it was an allergic reaction. And as long as she didn’t feel her windpipe swelling up they aren’t really serious.

She got them everyday for two weeks then they disapeared.

I have a similar story. When I was a baby I would get massive hives. Then they went away. When I was 7 they came back. Huge hives everywhere. They lasted 6 months then disapeared. Then when I was 10, 16, and 21 they came back in such full force it was unbeliveable. But after lasting around 6 months they would vanish.

The last time I had them was 10 years ago, they were so bad my eyes would go black as the blood vessels would burst. I would get massive hives from my palms to my eyes to my feet. On my souls it would hurt to walk.

Never my throat though. Then as always they left.

I never was able to determain what causes them. I had scratch tests, blood tests etc. The control histimine came back positve but nothing else showed up.

Other than “one of those things” is there any explination for this medically. The problem was as I got the hives they would start the hives and I would go all the time to the doctor and then they would disapear after 5-6 months and the doctor would have to give up.

Yeah. That happens a lot. Beats the hell out of me. I treat the symptoms with anti-histamines, and occasionally prednisone if they’re bad enough, and wait it out. If that doesn’t work, and nothing shows up on RAST (allergy) testing, I refer to the allergist.

That is exactly what the doctors did. Benadryl, Steriod (you could literally feel the hives melt).

I have been to Mayo, Johns Hopkins and U of Chicago. Now it’s been ten years so this is the longest I’ve been w/o them. Hopefully they won’t be back.

It this akin to when they say people can “Outgrow” asthma.

Well, then you’ve been to two of the best places in the world (Hopkins #1 of course) and to U. Chicago too. But there’s still some mysteries in life.