Disaster and smoldering ruin: averted.

This is a note I’ve been meaning to write for some time now. I’m not a frequent contributor to the board, but read it every single day. And I wanted to expressly thank you for your input and support.

I wrote a pit thread about a long, apparently unending stream of stress and bad events that happened to my immediate family (death, financial hardship, twins, more death, unemployment, death, etc.)

I came here and received some extremely helpful advice on how to cope, the medications available to assist, and what to expect while things sorted themselves out over time.

Without going through the whole sordid situation, family and pets stopped dying, money started straightening out, my spouse and I got through and over our own issues in coping with loss, and rediscovered that our relationship wasn’t to blame for the crap happening to us and shouldn’t be dissolved as a result. We’ve gotten to the best place we’ve been in more than 6 years.

I guess I just wanted to throw a datapoint out on the forum where this stuff happened and it didn’t result in divorce and the family being scattered to the winds. (This is in no way judging other relationship based threads on this board. It’s merely a recognition that I haven’t seen a lot of threads where the family stayed intact afterwards.)

Again, Thanks for being here.

[Fonz] Eeeeyyy [/Fonz]

Glad things are looking up.

Well, I think it would be more appropriate to say: It’s not ‘looking up’, it’s ‘been up for some time’.

It’s an unusual feeling on a Saturday afternoon where your mind is calm, and you actively have to find something to do. There’s not crisis or worry. I guess I’ll go mow the yard. :wink: