My uncle's house burned to the ground.

Looks like an electrical accident.

Fortunately all–he, his wife and 5-year-old daughter–are OK. They’re lucky; they were out of the house at the time.

He has insurance up the yin-yang, but also a young family. He’s always been a bit of a wanderer, fairly distant from the rest of the family, and it’s taken some time for him to settle down. I saw them all over Christmas, and everything seemed to finally have settled, after a few moves and job changes. And now this.

But they’re all optimistic, hard-working people, and I’m sure they’ll pull through. It’s just such a shame to lose a place you’ve invested so much in. They were building a life at that spot.

I’ve never been there, but it meant a lot to him. :frowning:


I’m glad your uncle and his family are okay, Ulterior. I hope there is a community there to help them at this time, and that what was lost is replaced as soon as possible.


I’m sorry to hear of your uncle’s loss. Thankfully they are all OK. A house is a house. Wherever they are theyll be able to make a “home”.

Jesus Christ! Nobody told me this!

(Ulterior is my brother.)

Where are they staying? :eek::frowning:

Well, looks like the Ontario part of the family had a good reason for not telling us - dad_mcl was working on his documentary on the Congo, and our aunt (Dad’s and Uncle Rob’s sister) didn’t want to disturb him.

Damn. I gave his little girl a piece of jewelry and a note when she was born that she was supposed to have when she grew up. Guess that’s not happening :frowning:

Well, it was a reason; I don’t know if it was a particularly good one, though, matt.

Geez, that’s scary. Glad they are okay. And that they are a solid family. They’ll come through this.