Discourse changes to posts

There should be four periods at the end of that sentence – three for ellipsis, and one more to end the statement. Why is Discourse deleting one? I should be able to put twenty periods at the end of a post if I want to, but Discourse cuts me off at three. (Yes, I tried.)

Yes, you should be able to put as many periods at the end of a post as you want. That is something that needs to be fixed.

Did you try putting twenty commas?

Ahhhh, the beloved Penn State Comma.

Also, if you quote the entire post just prior to your reply, Discourse will delete the quoted post and just leave your reply. Unless you alter the quote in some way (like adding: “Mary Lou said:” at the beginning of the quote.)

I for one, like to quote all or part of the post I’m replying to. I know Discourse has little arrows that tell who your reply is intended for, but in the interest of clear communication, I’d rather not leave anything to chance.

Grrrr… it just erased one of my periods in a final ellipsis! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

There’s a poster here who posted a couple of times today using numerous ellipses throughout his posts. He had many more than 4 periods in a row. I think he used a space between the word and the ellipsis…trying it now…did it work … no it didn’t … It’s removing all but 3 periods…

So my list should include ellipses, commas, and what else?

At least the Oxford comma remains!

Turns out I was mistaken - his numerous ellipses all have 3 dots.

You can.

You can quote part of it the same way I just did: highlight the part you want to quote, and click on the “quote” button which appears.

You can effectively quote the whole thing, by doing exactly that but leaving out of your selected part a word, or a letter, or even the period at the end of the last sentence in the post.

If you do either of those things, your quote won’t be deleted, even if yours is the next post.

Yes, I figured out I can do that if I alter the quote in some way. Hehe.

Never mind

It is probably related to the way markdown works. For instance, by putting an asterisk between square brackets (like the bullet entry code in bbcode)
you get this
If you type three consecutive underscores,

You get a horizontal rule (same as the hr tag in html)

But if you have more than one checked box in a group
[] this is
] not good
the markdown sees the consecutive asterisks and it becomes a weird mess.
But, at least you can ^ take a nap.

Another case where Discourse re-writes our posts, but maybe this is intended: To make your own manually numbered list, just type your own items with your numbers. No matter what numbers you put on the items, it changes the numbers to be consecutive. In the following list, I numbered all items “1.” yet they display with numbers 1. through 4.

  1. A numbered list
  2. with several items.
  3. We still miss you Opal.
  4. Another thing.

Here is literally what I typed to make the above list:

1. A numbered list
1. with several items.
1. We still miss you Opal.
1. Another thing.

Do you happen to remember his handle, by any chance?

No reason.

I’ve always preferred spaced-out ellipses . . . like this . . . . which I must assume . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . that our Disco-Nanny-Bot is oblivious to.

But just let it snipe at me for ending the above sentence with a preposition!

(ETA: It did not.)

Disco-Nanny-Bot will probably wise up to your wily workarounds if you use them with too much abandon. Use them sparingly!

Ellipsis + full stop…‌.

That’s an aspect of Markdown, one of the three different markup languages you can use to format your posts. (The other two are limited BBCode and limited HTML.)

At least they seem to have mitigated another issue: you can start with numbers other than 1. In classic Markdown:

  1. This would be number 1
  2. This would be 2.

I think it has to do with how the code is translated to HTML. HTML only has a “start” element for the ordered list, and lacks a way to set the actual number on each item.

In HTML, you could get around this by just using multiple lists, and formatting them so they appear right next to each other. But that would require a stylesheet change to work here.

Probably better is just to make your list manually by putting a \ in front of each period, like so:

1. Hello (originally written as 1\. Hello)
1. Hello again (written the same way)

Discourse needs to be warned and suspended for changing text within a dialogue box.

How are the ellipses working correctly here?