Discourse makes me feel like I'm shirking my duty

When I’m deciding not to post a draft and it asks me if I’m sure I want to “abandon my post”.

It makes me think that I’m fleeing from sentry duty before the barbarian hordes arrive.

Maybe the wording could be tweaked.

Yes, it feels like there’s an implied “you cowardly scum” tone to it.

It’s a court-martial offense potential subject to the death penalty in wartime. Thankfully, Discourse doesn’t have a miltary. Yet.

Y’all are kidding, right?

If not, please get over yourselves immediately. To take a bot message personally is nuts. :crazy_face:

I disagree. While I personally do not perceive the connotation the OP does, there is nothing wrong with discussing the language used in automated messages from software. The connotations are something user interface designers consider when crafting messages for software, and Discourse definitely seems to have done so.

It seems to me that the standard word for the action of getting rid of automatically saved content is “Discard.” In most email programs I’ve used, you discard drafts.

That might be a better word to use, even if one has no problem with “abandon.” Using familiar/standard words makes UIs feel more intuitive. We know intuitively that the trashcan below a post on mobile will discard the draft, as this is a standard icon.

Plus it would be good if the terms were standardized in Discourse itself. On desktop, the word used for the button that discards a post is entitled “cancel draft.” It would be good if both the button and the dialog used the same term, and discard would fit the bill.

That said, I don’t know how much of this is due to the skin.

Do you wish to turn your budding post away from this message board, forsaking it to the indifference of a cold and uncaring world?

[Yes] [No]

I agree with this 100%. Inn terms of effectiveness, clarity, length, sure.

But the title: “makes me feel like I’m shirking” – THAT part is nuts.

Never mind. I’m outta here. Discuss among yourselves.

At least some of it must be related to the skin. I’m on a desktop and always get the ‘abandon’ message. FWIW, I always thought it was odd on this site that different skins/themes aren’t just different coloring schemes. The difference from one skin to another can mean different wording in messages, different features, different (and buggy) default fonts etc. Maybe this is common everywhere and I’m only noticing it here since I tend to leave the default theme alone on sites I don’t spend as much time on.

It’s being playful. The phrase Discourse uses does sound more reminiscent of someone describing a dereliction of military duty than tossing out a post. I find the comparison amusing.

Much better!

Ah, now I can see you’re joking. I was going to ask what you want it to say. One of the popular forums gives the message when you log out:

I guess if you wanted, the message could say:

“Thank og! I’m sure it was stupid anyway.”

(not to anyone in particular)

Or conversely:

“I’m sure it’s a gem. Post it anyway?”

Reddit has bots that are developed for each sub, so you’re much more likely to get a custom message to your liking there, depending on which sub you pick.

You are kidding me. I take commercials and billboards personally. Of course auti-generated messages get to me.
When Amazon tells me they found something I might like I feel loved and cared for.

I’m sure companies count on these reactions.

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