Discuss some of the big advertizers on youTube

As a youTube junkie, there are certain ads I’ve seen, and skipped, many times. I just wanted to share some thoughts about these products and ask if anyone has signed up for them?
If the ads you see are different to mine then by all means you can freely discuss them here.

This is a site where you can learn from the masters on topics like acting, screenwriting, writing, music composing etc. I find the adverts quite annoying and smug, and I get the impression that it won’t be so much practical lessons, as listening to someone very famous swill a glass of brandy and talk about whatever they like.
But happy to be proven wrong.

Improve the grammar / syntax of your writing. This post notwithstanding, I’ve never felt like I need this; my standard of grammar seems higher than my peers’ :slight_smile:
If they have Chinese I’d sign up, but it would have to be smart enough to know common grammatical mistakes made by people for whom Chinese is not their first language.

Share trading.
Why is share trading so complex? Why can’t I just go and directly buy shares somewhere? I’m not interested in giving someone a big cut so they can give me direction.

Watch an atheist video, you get religious ads. One reason out of many I started using adblock.

Spurious claims about how the product will stop people are stealing your data, faint discussion of what most customers really use it for (watching Hulu outside of region)

Actually seems pretty solid. I hear good things about this service.

Buy our game where you can only really win if you subsequently buy more things. Bleh.

Buy the exact same scam product that the person in the video is warning you about.

I think 90% of every YouTube ad I see is for web hosting like Wix.

I’m a web developer so I do spend a lot of time doing searches for web-related stuff on Google, but actual web developers are NOT the target market for build-it-yourself services like Wix. So I dunno what’s up with their algorithm on that.