Discussion for the Israel-Hamas War: A thread in the Pit

I think it takes an enormous level of sickness to post something like this:

You’re unhinged, deluded, and beyond all hope. It would be one thing if you just disagreed with Israel’s assessment that attacking the Hamas base was worth damaging the hospital; but you categorically deny that Hamas does anything of the sort.

Sick fucks like you are why Hamas does what it does. Because you gobble up the casualties their strategy create and turn all your blame against Israel.

…I don’t care about your objection. I care about your conclusion. And I think that your conclusion is rubbish. I don’t think there was deliberate inflation of the numbers at all. And I think if there was any evidence of that the people that are pouring over the raw numbers would have said so by now.

We all know it. And now you agree.

What does this mean?

The fact that this is the sum-total of your rebuttal, is indeed hillarious.

To be clear, that’s sarcasm, and if you think Israel is going to annex Gaza, you’re clearly not a serious person.

…can you share with us Israel’s assessment of Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital? Why was it attacked? What was it occupied? Why was it irreparably damaged? How about Al Nassr Pediatric? Dar Essalam? Beit Hanoun? Balsam?

I’ve got much longer list. But this will do for starters.

This is a very long thread with lots of contributors, so apologies if I’ve got this wrong, but isn’t this border superiority one of the things you’re objecting to on the grounds that it made Gaza an ‘open-air prison’ even before 10/7?

Border security on the Israel/Palestine borders =/= complete blockade of all Palestine’s borders.

…from the latest flash updates:

So it wasn’t just one hospital that evacuated. It was three. There is a chilling effect at play here. People know what will happen if a hospital gets raided. People get killed. People disappear. Equipment gets destroyed. People can’t afford to hang around any more. Its get out while you can.

I reported 5 journalists in 12 hours the other day. It was 6 in 48. Six times as many Palestinian journalists were killed in that timeframe than IDF soldiers. Over 150 journalists in total compared to 324 IDF soldiers.

9 out of 10. Nearly 2 million people. Almost the entire population. More reporting and context available here:

Everytime I think the situation in Gaza couldn’t get any more dire, I read another flash update and find out that everything is just incrementally worse.

Four schools in the last four days, and dozens killed. “The Israel Defense Forces said Tuesday it had struck a Hamas fighter who had taken part in the Oct. 7 attack using precise munition. It said it was looking into reports that civilians were harmed near the Al-Awda school, which it noted was “near the location of the strike.””
Way to underplay a slaughter. :roll_eyes:
Dozens killed as ‘4 schools in the last 4 days’ struck in Gaza (nbcnews.com)