Discussion of fairness

This is not a pro-life thread, but it is about pro-life on this board
Does it seem to anyone else that this board tends to be especially harsh toward the pro-life position. I mean especially in terms of administrative actions – like goading and harassing pro-life posters, banning them, etc.


Wow. In at the deep end, eh?

Can’t say I’ve noticed one way or the other, but I don’t follow the abortion threads all that closely.

We have to be fair now? Did I miss a memo?

Nope. It HAS, however, been harsh towards people who accuse pro-choice people of being “murderers”, or tell them that they’re going to Hell.

Have we banned all the pro-lifers?

Can we DO that?

fair != equal

I love people who join this board just to bitch about this board. I really do.

I also love burning splinters shoved into my toenails with a ball-peen hammer while evil dwarfs rip out my pubic hair with battery acid-soaked pliers as my skin is slowly ripped in strips from my body while being sprayed with a lemon juice and salt water solution as nails are driven into my eardrums.


Did I say “love”? I meant, “Loathe with every fibre of my being”.

Sorry for any misunderstanding.

Mono del Calcetin literally means “sock monkey.”

Cheers, matt.

Maybe its Tony Millionaire!

Fagjunk Theology: Not just for sodomite propagandists anymore.

Is he related to Joe?

While I sense a certain intention emmanating from the OP, I see no indication of “bitching” at all. Perhaps it is these quick conclusions that the OP is referring to.

Hey Mono - don’t you have anything better to do, like bombing an abortion clinic?

Um…care to post some examples?

This is what I was talking about Munch. Dude/dudette registers only to complain about administration of this board. Are you sure you wanna be defending this turd?
I see the administration seems to agree with me on this.