Disgusting things you do at work...

…and don’t want anyone to see.

I just ate my leftover t-bone steak with my hands, chewing meat off the bone in an animalistic manner. Luckily, no one came by during that time.

I’ve also been known to adjust my tights/panties, etc. in my cube.

That’s pretty much it for me.

What do you do that you would be embarrassed for someone to see?

Every now and then the old office chair makes things a tad bit uncomfortable for Senor Peppy and the Sparkle Twins so some adjustment is needed. Thankfully, I can always tell when someone is walking down the hallway.

Bravo! Now that is funny!


I like the whole “Sparkle Twins” thing.

I’ll just put it like this, that wasn’t white out that someone spilled in the supply closet.

clip my toe-nails…

ok… I have only done that once… I had an in-grown that bothered the hell out of me… I had to cut it into my toe… which cuased some lovely colors to come out… it was fun…
that was nasty… but had to be done…

I also make strange faces while I am at my desk… like when I am thinking or something… it would be cool if I had the normal thinking face… but I think it is more of a constipated face…

I speak to inanimate objects as if they can hear me. Examples are my computer, my radio, the toilet.

Dude, you sharpen your pencil in the supply room? :smiley:


And Amp…I get excited when the new office supplies arrive too, but come on!

I work in the Marketing Department. What could be more disgusting than that?

I often cover myself with mud

My husband and I have sex at work, when the boss is out.

Well, where else are we going to have it? We have two kids at home!


I smooth the calluses on the bottom of my feet.
Hey, it gets a lil slow sometimes!

I floss at my desk now and then. I know where my teeth are, so why stand at a mirror and make a mess of it? A few more food molecules aren’t going to hurt this thing formerly known as a carpet.

But… my neighbor? He uhh… vents now and then.

Well, a former GF stopped by the other day so I shut down the store for an hour or so…(the store’s in the mall BTW)

Everyone rips huge farts in our tech room. One teacher sometimes comes in specifcally to fart.

Scratching my balls. cleaning uunder my nails.

releasing deadly toxic nuclear gas (farting)

I have eczema on my hands. Although I’m seeing a doctor next week for a script, my fingers are pretty crusty & flaky, and I pick at them ALL DAY. :eek:

Now THAT’S disgusting!

The only thing I do at work that anyone would consider even mildly gross is take chips directly from the chip bin and dip them into the big cheese-dip thing and eat them like that. Yeah, I work at a restaurant.

I chopped up a chunk of eyeball tissue the other day, but that was actually part of my job, so I guess that doesn’t count.

I too often douse myself with mud (liquid mud), and the filth out here is a foul mixture of mud, grease, pipe dope, rust, creosote and all manner of odd chemicals, sometimes I have no choice but to roll around in it and let me (and TAP) tell you, having this brew in your ears, nose, etc is an experience! (and TAP, R/D here Fri or so).