Disney and Dali : An update

In my report on Walt Disney and Salvador Dali collaborating on a film I had mentioned current animators were working on finishing it. The film has been released and is premiering today.

More details at Animation World News

Lemme get this straight… It took them fifty-seven years to complete a five minute film!? How in the heck does Disney ever get any feature releases done? I mean, for five minutes, I would have thought some bored animator would have finished it off in his spare time.

Nifty! I’ve wanted to see this ever sinceI heard about it. I hope there’ll be a general or video release.

Maybe they’ll tack it onto whatever the next Disney movie to come out on home video is…

Super cool!

Wired Magazine reports that it will be shown at the New York Film Festival in October:

However, it is not listed on the NYFF site:

Anyone who knows when/where this can be seen, please report.

NPR is now reporting that Destino will be released on DVD probably some time next year.