Disney + Dali = Destino

From imdb.com:

I’ve been wanting to see this for years now. Has anyone seen it? And does anyone know where I can get a DVD copy? Amazon don’t list it which suggest to me that Disney isn’t selling it?

I see the Erudite One has discussed this:


I saw it a few years ago as an opening short for The Triplets of Belleville. It was very good. The most interesting thing about it, and this is hard to visualize and even harder to describe, was how strongly both influences came through. There’s Dali’s gift for inspired images, with the flow and pallete of classic Disney.

There have been lurking rumors that Disney may release this as part of their “Disney Treasures” collection sometime in the future (along with a “making of” featurette), but we’ve never heard anything official from them. With the release of older Disney the prevailing philosophy to take is “never say never, but don’t hold your breath.”

P. S. I would also be remiss in my continual search for self-promotion if I didn’t mention that I have a few inspirational drawings and other discussion of the short on my website here.

Ah, so not released yet. How disappointing.

Here is half a minute from it:

And yes, it looks very interesting and good. Now where is my Dégas/Looney Tunes combination?

Bumping this thread for some new information. No specific details yet, but it appears that Destino will finally be given a video release sometime next year as part of the “Disney Legacy” DVD collection.

Details here : http://disney.go.com/disneyvideos/disneylegacy/

“Destino” has been showing in Japan during “The Art of Disney” touring exhibit. I saw it a few months ago in Tokyo. Japanese Site Link

It’s included in the major Il était une fois Walt Disney exhibition currently running at the Grande Palais in Paris, together with a selection of the original Dali drawings.

What struck me most forcibly was that the style adopted in the “reconstruction” was rather loose - the imagery is very obviously Daliesque, yet the drawing, particularly of the figures, is more contemporary than a direct homage to either Dali or Disney in the 1940s. That seems appropriate, since the film, while obviously inspired by the preliminary sketches, is itself only a rather loose interpretation of many of them.
It thus works rather well in and of itself - it’s neither an arid academic exercise nor quite what would have resulted had the project been pursued originally.

Wow thank you so much for confirming something I was WAY too lazy to research myself. I saw the Destino short on Youtube I think? And it was labeled as being made in 1946. But I watched it and could NOT get over how the animation style most certainly was not 1940s era and looked much more modern. But I figured maybe they were trying something new and let it slide, only being mildly curious. Huzzah! Answers without research rock.

Saw it three years ago on the big screen, which was just amazing.

It ran as an opener for Calendar Girls. I made mention of this in a SDMB Thread and apparently a few Dopers ran out to see Calendar Girls just because they wanted to see Destino.

Turned out that, although the two were paired together in the theater in my town where I went, this was not a broad distribution plan. Those Dopers came back to the Board grumbling that they had to see through Calendar Girls and did not get to see Destino.

Other Dopers mentioned in the Thread in which I sent people to Calendar Girls, as Robot Arm mentions in this Thread, that they saw it as an opening short when they saw The Triplets of Bellville. At the theater I went to for Triplets, there was no screening of Destino.

I was recently on a cruise ship and saw it. The line we cruise with has this deal with Park West (the auction house) and they have a lot of Dali’s up. They showed Destino to raise interests in some cells they have from the film. I loved every short minute of it (about 8 mins) they said currently there was no plan on releasing it, but if you bout a set of the 6 prints (about 13k) you got the dvd of it too.

Finally! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BO8ffgDbM80